How Divorce Can Empower Women


Divorce offers both women and men with the opportunity to start over. Beginning again should not require either spouse to struggle. A woman need not experience debilitating emotional loneliness and isolation or financial poverty after her divorce. Perhaps for the first time, she is now free to pursue new possibilities and opportunities that can result in the fulfilling new life she hopes to realize.

Many divorcing couples mutually agree to limit the amount of money spent on the divorce process. Sometimes, couples believe that filing divorce papers without an attorney–such as DIY divorce–is a good idea. Unfortunately, financial results of DIY divorce are frequently unsatisfactory for women’s needs. According to Best Law Firm in Scottsdale, professional document preparation services can help divorcing couples.

Financial Freedom

Focus on temporary support, such as alimony, may be part of the financial bridge to independence and freedom for the divorcing woman but long-term financial security should be the woman’s ultimate goal. Getting too caught up in the angst of emotional turmoil during the divorce process can actually prevent a woman from achieving the full measure of financial empowerment she seeks.

For instance, an ex-spouse may simply stop paying alimony. He may “disappear,” lose his job, suffer disability, or even die. Even when the ex-spouse believes she is covered by a life insurance policy, there are some situations in which the insurer might not pay. Engaging the best divorce attorney is one of the ways to ensure that the woman receives financial benefits necessary to begin again

Breaking the Ties of Financial Dependence

Most women need financial advice before, during and after a divorce, according to Sarah LeTrent at CNN. Some states limit the total amount or length of time a woman may receive of short-term financial support or alimony from an ex-spouse. She must have a life plan that includes how she will make a living after alimony payments cease.

A woman, like a man, may need to develop new career potential. She may want to start a business or flex new entrepreneurial muscles. For that reason, securing funds for college or capital to start a business are extremely important before the divorce settlement is finalized. This funding should be part of the woman’s divorce decree.

Financial Benefits

A woman in a legal marriage has rights and may be entitled to compensation. If she has foregone the development of a career or business to stay at home with children, she may be entitled to a portion of her spouse’s retirement funds, 401(k) account/s, military or business pension plan, etc. Access to capital can assist the divorcing woman in achieving long-term financial security. Consulting with an experienced divorce attorney can help the woman determine what kinds of compensation may available as part of the divorce settlement.

Divorce can have positive benefits for many women. Some women experience a chance to grow personally and professionally for the first time after a divorce. The divorced woman may have more time to focus on herself by returning to school or building a business.

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