How do you define your success?

new-year‘Tis the season of graduations. I recently attended a college graduation and was in awe at what the young graduates had already accomplished in their short life. Images of my own graduation streamed through my head. So young. So naïve. How different life would be if I just had an inkling of the knowledge that I have now, right? A fun but fleeting thought but the truth is we become who we are in life because of the experiences we have. The questions become what now and where to next?


The Past is the Past and Our Power is in the Present


The “what if” syndrome is non-productive and a good waste of mental energy. What’s done is done. A critical assessment of your life lessons can be useful as you build your future. But, spending time going backwards is simply not logical. Nothing to see there. Life is a forward progression; our power comes with the control we have today to move forward. And, that power belongs to us. We own it.


Every Day Can Be New Year’s Day


Every January 1, millions set out to make promises or resolutions. You make a decision on this first day of the new year about the things that you intend to do or stop doing in the upcoming year.


You don’t have to wait until New Year’s Day. Start today. You will always live in the past thinking “what if” if you do not make a very purposeful promise to yourself to achieve what you want – now.


Today is Never Going to Happen Again


Future achievements are prepared for in the present moment. Let today be the standard for your personal theme of success. Don’t let five years or even one more year go by while you keep looking back with regret.


If you will ever live the way you want in the future; you have to live in the present first. In reality, we only exist in the present – not the past and not the future. We exist now. So we have to make things happen now. There’s no control over the past but there is control over the present which leads to control of the future.


    • Make today the day you finally open up the door, step outside and start walking on the path of no regrets. 


    • Make today the day when second guessing come to a halt. 


    • Make today the day you embrace opportunities and you create success as you define it. You can design your destiny. 


    • Make today the day you create and capture those dreams that have been swirling around in your head. 



George Bernard Shaw tells us “The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react.” Make today the day you decide to act. What will you do today?



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