How Do You Know? A Target Market Marketing Strategy

When was the last time you surveyed your clients? I don’t mean ALL your clients. I mean the ones that you want more of, your Ideal Clients. If you don’t ask the ones you want to cultivate and attract more of, how do you know you’re doing everything possible to win them as clients, keep them as repeat business and convert them into referral advocates for your business?

A well thought out strategic marketing plan will keep you accountable for these types of tactics. Look at your client list and determine the heroes
and zeros. In other words, for now, ignore the clients that request products outside your profit scope, demand discounts and, frankly, the ones you don’t care working with no matter what fee they pay. In this exercise, we want to focus on the clients that bring in the most revenue, fits within your service profile and that you LOVE working with and would take their call at any time of day. These people represent your Ideal Client and are the target market you want to attract more of to build your business. Finally, rank these current clients on a matrix scale of profitability, compatibility and product requests. Then take the top ten as your cream of the crop clients to use as your customer advisory board. You don’t necessarily need to publicly call them that but know those are the ones you want to get feedback from to take your business to the next level of success.

After doing the legwork above, give them a call and ask them how you’re doing. What could you have done better? What makes your company stand out from your competition? Make them feel completely free to be as candid as possible. Otherwise, the answers you’ll receive will be vanilla and useless for you to gain insight into your target markets wants, needs, desires and frustrations. An even more effective use of the client survey is to have a skilled outside marketing strategist conduct them. As a professional who has conducted hundreds of surveys they can often gleam more information from the client than someone from the business because the client knows the responses are anonymous and the strategist can push the client further from, “They provide good customer service.” to “They think of everything so I don’t have to; making the process comfortable and easy.”.

The easiest pitfall to small business owners often run into is assuming you know everything about your client. It is imperative to check in with them often, in order for your business to move forward. And really, we all know the adage of what happens when you assume…You make an ASS out of U and ME. Market smarter and simply ask.

Want to learn more about client surveys and how to create a marketing strategy for your business? request a copy of our complimentary eBook, 7 Steps to Marketing Success. Do you have questions right now and need help conducting client surveys? Contact Stand Out Results, Marketing and Brand Strategists, at 585.BRAND.65 or [mailto][email protected][/mailto].

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