How do you manage your daily tasks?

If you have multiple clients or are managing multiple projects using a Task Management system is a must. It can help keep you stay organized and keep you and your team on track.

There are several on the market that have similar functionality and offer a “free” level. Here are a few of the popular ones:

  • Teamwork PM
  • Basecamp
  • Central Desktop
  • Zoho

I recommend finding one that meets your needs and is a comfortable fit. If you’re not sure what your “needs” are, take a look at a few of them and select one that feels right. Sign up for the free level and give it a test drive.If you have a team give them access to the system and ask them to try it out and give their feedback. If you don’t have a team, ask one of your clients to assist you.

Here are 7 Useful Tips to get the most out of your Task Management system:

1.  Setup Client/Project Folders

  • Create a Client folder for each client
  • Within each client folder; create folders for projects and/or recurring tasks

2.  Setup Client Notebooks

  • Use client notebooks to store client specific information such as contact info, log in details, etc
  • This way there is one central location for client information and the team can easily locate and update it

3.  Assign Tasks to Team Members

4.  Track Time & Progress

  • Update the % complete on tasks as they are being worked on
  • This is great for keeping your client up to date on progress

5.  Track Milestones

  • Milestones are tasks that require no “work”
  • They are a “check point” in a project
  • I use them to help me determine if we are on track to meet our deadlines

6.  Use Task Comments

  • Instead of using email to communicate about a task; use the Task Comment feature
  • It will keep all “communication” about a task stored with the task
  • This is great when you have a team working together on a task or project

7.  Store Project Resources

  • Upload project files, audios, videos, etc

These tips will help you and your team stay organized!  All project metrics are contained within the client and project folder.  This makes it easy for your team to find the information they need and for the client to see how their project is progressing.

In case your curious, I use Teamwork PM for my business and love it!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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