How do you measure your business consistency?

What is consistency?  

 Definition (The Collins English Dictionary)= the state or quality of holding or sticking together and retaining shape

 Consistency is the key to running a successful business, in various ways.  

 I believe being consistent in Marketing and Operations will have a positive impact in your small businesses.  Here are some examples


There are so many channels available to market your business today.  Technology is amazing and has advanced this activity to a new level.  I’ve learned that consistent marketing helps to keep my business out in front of existing and potential clients.  Growth Protocol is on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and the web [check our profiles if you haven’t yet].

 I am consistently updating on these social media channels to market my business.  I also use this newsletter as a means of marketing.  Consistent marketing will lead to client leads.


Operations is a business area I am totally in love with.  Most business owners would think I am crazy to enjoy business process management.  My Growth Protocol Solution handles the work that most business owners don’t have time or the knowledge to.

 Consistency is a must in the area of business operations.  For instance:

  • You need to process those invoices in a timely manner to get paid. 
  • You need to track product or service activities to monitor what’s selling and what’s not.
  • You need to track sales generation to see how you’re getting your customers.
  • You need to know what inventory has been used and what should be ordered.

 Developing processes for each area of operations is a step to creating consistency in your business.  Each business should have a process for marketing, sales, customer service, payment processing, and many more.  Having multiple processes will be overwhelming, but necessary!

 Processes help you provide a consistent customer experience to your clients.  Documenting processes allows you as an owner to hire and delegate responsibilities.  

 Marketing and Operations are just two parts of business.  As business owners we know there are many more that can benefit from consistency.  Evaluate where you can be more consistent in business and in life, and then make the necessary adjustments.  It will only benefit you, your business, and others around you.


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