Good to Great?

Spiritual Life Coach
Often the word “good” is used a means of motivating others to continue at being “good”. However, in my own experiences I’ve realized that being “good” is not always enough. I thought that being a good mother, friend, and colleague would put me at the top of the chain of “goodieness” if there is such a word. Nevertheless, I’ve had a book by Jim Collins, Good to Great for at least five years. I would pick this book up periodically, but never to the point that I could be solely enlightened by the content.
The book begins with one sentence that echoes a profound meaning “Good is the enemy of great”. Just this one sentence has motivated me to reexamine being “good”. According to Collins, and his team of researcher every business that became “great” understood that being “good” wasn’t good enough. I would suggest if you are reading this blog that you take the time to reexamine yourself and determine if you are just “good” or are you “great” in your endeavors. I have decided to be among the “greats”. If you have read the book or need to read the book you will come to understand the “Hedgehog Concept” that proposing being great has nothing to do with your strategy, plan, or goals to be the best. “It is understanding of what you can be the best at”.
Your best may not be solely what your good at. Instead, it is what you believe you’re able to do better than any other person. This is not being arrogant or proud. You should understand that your gifts are unique to who you are and a long standing infallible historical book, The Bible indicates that “a man’s, gift will make room for him and bring him before great men” Proverbs 18:16 (KJV).

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  1. This blog is most inspiring. I stand on God’s promise in the scripture Proverbs 18:16 that your gift will make room for you. I have shared that scripture with my oldest daughter who has the gift of gab. My Pastor also made that statement to her. I believe that when we exercise the gifts that God has given us, the sky is the limit and the transition from good to great will be a smooth one.