How do you want to feel in 2014?

Bend Sunrise

This year it’s all about how you FEEL.


No diets, no magical numbers on the scale, no smaller sizes.

Unless…the way you FEEL when you achieve this is what you most truly desire.

So, what is your CORE DESIRE?

What do you truly, whole-heartedly, deep-down-at-the-bottom-of-your-soul desire?

How do you want to FEEL in 2014?

I, for one, know exactly how I do NOT want to feel in this moment of rebirth. I will not allow 2014 to start with energy-sucking-obligation-filled-against-my-intuition feelings and those that go against my core desires. And I vow to never feel like that again (well, at least not for very long), because I deserve more. We all do.

How would you feel, if you didn’t have to live your life proving yourself?

How would you feel, if you got real clear on what you want and were open to what life gives you?

How would you feel, if you felt like you were being pulled into your life versus pushing against your life?

I rather not push. I want to FLOW.

Do you feel like you are seeking pleasure in your life or just avoiding pain?

Yeah, that is a doozy. Meditate on that for a moment or two. It’s all too revealing most of the time.

It is very common that we go through life making choices that cause us to avoid pain. Making decisions based on worrying what other people think. Saying “yes” to commitments out of obligation and expectation. Putting on a smile and ‘playing small’ to get what you need (going against your intuition). Pain avoidance.

In 2014, try on a new outfit. It’s called Pleasure. I bet it fits better than you think.

So, let’s do a little exercise to get the ball rolling (or dropping, as it is New Year’s Eve)

Take out a sheet of paper and write a few things down:

What do you want, or most desire, in 2014?
Why do you want what you want?
More importantly, how will those ‘wants’ make you FEEL? – the feelings are your CORE DESIRES.
What will having that goal or desire do for you? This again will boil down to FEELINGS.
Okay, got those down?

Now review your ‘wants’ with these questions. We want to make sure your ‘wants’ are on target with your core desires.

Is this ‘want’ moving me forward?
Do I feel more like myself?
Does this clear the way for more good stuff to show up in my life?
Will I sleep peacefully tonight?
Does this ‘want’ create the feeling I’m after that would make my children (grandma, best friend) smile?
Many times we are actually chasing a feeling that a particular goal brings us rather than the goal itself.

So when you set your intentions, realize the truth behind it.

Tonight may be the night that you really hone in on manifesting your future. Take time to explore those desires. Live your life fully. Find the feeling you’ve been chasing. Relax into the life you deserve.

Before you set your intentions, do the exercise above. Dig deeper. Allow yourself to dream and grow.

You may be surprised that the New Year can unveil the REAL YOU that has been hiding all along.



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You can also visit the new and improved inspirational blog: RADiant Life Rocks resurrecting in January of 2014.

Thank you Danielle LaPorte for the amazing wisdom and moment of clarity. The Desire Map is a book I highly recommend.


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