How Does Content Help Social Media Marketing?

How Does Content Help Social Media Marketing?

For as long as I can remember, social media and blogging have gone together. Social media is relatively new to the internet game. Blogs have been around for almost as long as the internet has been, providing easy outlets for people to post about their lives, work and hobbies. Being bloggers, these people were heavy users of the internet and already had intricate networking webs with other bloggers. The move to social media was seamless for them.

But do you have to blog to use social media professionally?

No, of course not. However, blogging brings many benefits.

Content drives social media


Unless you’re a celebrity or an attractive girl who likes taking “selfies” without much clothing, posting pictures and complaining about life won’t do much for you. To people who just use social media to interact with families, that is fine for them. As a professional marketer, you need a following. Personal posts about life and meals are important to post every now and then because they humanize your profile, but not many people are going to create a social media empire off of them and it certainly won’t be professional.

You can follow nearly any influential social media marketer and you will see the same thing: links to blogs. To make people want to follow you, you have to be saying interesting things. While 140-character quotes and insights can be great, a link to a 500-word article on whatever subject you cover is even better. If you are trying to connect with social media marketers, writing a blog about an issue in social media marketing is the exact kind of content that will make them interested. If they get interested enough, maybe they’ll look through the rest of your tweets and posts. If it is full of good content, you’ll land a subscriber.

Mark Schaefer is a successful social media marketer, author, and speaker. He has a giant group of loyal fans and is flown around the world to speak about social media. Despite his success and fame, he knows to keep followers engaged, he has to post content. Blogs are where the content is.

Blogs give other people something to share

You can’t always be sharing your blog posts on social media. You will push people away and look desperate. What do you post when you haven’t written a new blog post? The easiest answer is to look to other people’s blogs.

Posting someone else’s blog post and giving the writer credit is a win-win for everyone involved. It allows you to share great content and it gives the blog author more views and attention. Better yet, many blog authors will reply back to say thanks and both of you will be shared to each others followers! It causes interaction!

Now look at this from the other side. When you write blog posts, you can be the person on the other end of this. People can share your blog posts, which gets you more views and exposure. If you simply shared other people’s blogs all of the time, which many do, you would be missing out on this free (key word here) opportunity for publicity and exposure. Every major blog software has buttons at the bottom of each post to share on any social media platform.

Blogging makes you more knowledgeable in your field

This is a benefit that many people don’t think about. It takes time and effort to write a blog post. It is very rare that someone writes an article and does not have to research something. You constantly have to be learning and following the trends of your field. This can be time-consuming and overwhelming, but doing this repeatedly will keep you informed. You will know about the field because you write about it. Obviously, being knowledgeable will help you in many ways as you go through your career. I learn something new or think about something in a different way nearly every time I write a blog post. It’s great.

Blogging brings credibility if it’s done correctly

To become influential, you have to be respected. While posting links to other people’s blogs all day can get you followers, all you are doing is making those blog authors look more credible! You’re simply a gatekeeper between the viewer and content!

Writing high-quality posts makes you look like you know what you’re doing, which in most cases is because you do know what you’re doing. You just have to let other people know. Blogs are optimized for sharing on social media. Other social media users can view your work and send it to their followers in a couple clicks. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

The more blog posts you have floating around on the internet, the more your name will be seen as a credible source. Think about how many impressions you could get daily if you had 50 high-quality blog posts bouncing around the internet?

To be successful professionally in social media, you have to be an influencer. Blogs help with that goal in so many ways. They are free at WordPress, Blogger and many other places. If this interests you, go start one now!

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