How Game Design Affects Narrative

It’s important to get a sense of how game design affects narrative. People who are wondering why video games did not really get complex until recently should keep a lot of these principles in mind. People can only tell so many stories with the sort of simplistic gaming graphics and game play mechanics that used to be available. With the complex mechanics and graphics of today, it is possible to tell a very wide range of stories. When people play pokies online and slot games, they will see some of these principles at work.


With only so many game play mechanics, people will be limited in terms of the types of stories that they can tell. They might be completely limited to telling stories that involve chases and similar types of very linear stories. Lots of the earlier games had simple adventure narratives. The player had to retrieve something and dodge a lot of obstacles beforehand, and that was the game. With many earlier games, people might have felt that they were competing for the best free spins offers and not much more, given the nature of the games and the setup of the games.


Some people might point out that a lot of fantasy stories and earlier oral tradition stories have followed something of a similar trajectory. This is because when people are reciting a story from memory, it can only be so complex. The characters have to have basic personalities and simple motivations. In order to have complex character arcs and narratives, it’s important for people to be able to record a lot of it and present everything in a more complex manner. It’s not possible to have really complex stories without the written word. Similar principles affect game design and narratives.


When it is possible to make the different game avatar characters perform a lot of different actions, it is possible to create a lot of different stories. Stories are partly the result of what characters do and the narrative drive. If the characters face limitations in what they can do as a result of the game design, they will only be able to follow a narrow plot line. When the game design is more complex, characters can perform a lot of actions, and it is possible for the developers to create a lot of different stories.


Even when the graphics are more complex, the range of possible games also tends to increase. Developers can create realistic backgrounds, making people feel as if they are actually in different scenes and that they are truly moving forward in the games. When the characters look more complex in terms of their design, it is that much easier for people to be able to accept them as real and to make them real. The associated narratives at the beginning of games can become that much more plausible as a result of many of the technical improvements involved with modern games. The graphics can bring the games to life.


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