How I Stumbled Upon Social Entrepreneurship


Lately the buzz has been all around entrepreneurship. Everyone wants to start their own thing, be their own boss and pursue their own passions. The downturn in the economy at the latter end of the last decade coupled with a shift toward more technology led a lot of people to become more innovative and resourceful. I am one of those people.  I have always been entrepreneurial and had a strong leadership penchant. I am an independent thinker, creative and curious; a lifelong learner and purpose chaser. After trying time and again to secure employment that sustained me not only financially but creatively and purposefully and falling short, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start another business. BrightGirl Media isn’t my first business, it is actually my fourth. So according to the buzz terms, I guess you can call me a serial entrepreneur. To be honest, when I started my business, I wasn’t seeking to solve any problem other than my own under employment. But curiosity, passion and leadership has led me to use my skills and business to serve others.

Many people think you have to be at a certain level in business or have a certain status or income statement number in order to be a philanthropist or to push for social change. If we all waited for that status, many people would suffer due to the lack of outreach, including ourselves, for to give is to receive and be fueled yet again to go out and change another life or help another cause. Did I purpose to be a “social entrepreneur?” Not even! I always knew the vision I had was bigger than me and I knew I wanted to help my community. But now my journey is taking me in a direction I couldn’t have dreamed for myself.

In less than a month, I will be traveling to Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya with 24 other powerful women entrepreneurs to positively affect the economies in those countries through technology and business cross-pollination. Our charge is to immerse ourselves in the culture, learn as much as we can about the business climate and connect with local entrepreneurs to assist them with refining their businesses. All of this is done to transform these countries – which represent some of the world’s fastest growing economies – by improving their systems and applying new approaches to technology. I am honored to be an ambassador for social change through economic empowerment. It is something I am deeply passionate about and committed to. I believe that by seizing opportunities in the marketplace and fueling innovation entrepreneurs and creative thinkers can solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

When I started my business, my most pressing issue was self-sustainability. Now I am able to help someone around the globe sustain themselves and shift their local community. An old adage says if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day; teach him how to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. My goal is to teach others how to fish for themselves, just as I had to stop waiting on an opportunity and seize one myself. If you are interested in assisting 25 women entrepreneurs as we travel to these nations, please visit the Geeks Gone Global website. Follow my journey through my blog as I will be giving updates and sharing videos and photos. My goal is to empower other women entrepreneurs to start where they are and impact someone’s life. You don’t have to have everything together, be a millionaire or know it all. You just need to be willing to lead with a servant’s heart to solve an issue. What woman do you know who wasn’t born already equipped with that?

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