How Much Is Too Much?

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I am in session with a client who is apologizing profusely for the multiple piles in her home. I reassure her not to worry at all.  I am not here to judge. I am here to help. She continues to apologize.

Life happens! It gets crazy, hectic and chaotic!

Sometimes you look in the mirror and


 Sometimes you look in the mirror and


The person who sits in the messy home?

The person who sees the mess and calls for help?

Who is wiser?

I am going to let you decide.

One person cannot do it all. If you run into somebody who says they can, give them a quick once over checking for any crossed limbs. They probably are not answering honestly.  Everyone needs assistance at different stages in their lives.

I find that in a short amount of time, my clients are able to loosen up about their clutter. The more relaxed they are, the better our session turns out to be. Soon they eventually let it all hang out! I love when that happens!  We can bypass the apologies and focus on the important: gaining back Peace of Mind.


 “The secret of human happiness is not in self-seeking but in self-forgiving.” -Theodore Reih


Planting Peace!