How Not to Dress Like a Mom


Yoga pants, sweatshirts, “mom jeans”…they’ve all become associated with a mom’s “uniform” if you will. For some reason people think that as soon as you get your motherhood badge you lose any fashion sense you previously had. Trust me, it’s not that.

If you’re dealing with baby spit up and the like for the majority of the day it makes sense that you wouldn’t wear your best clothes. It’s a matter of comfort and being practical. It’s also common sense that our bodies change after giving birth, no matter how hard you hit the gym post baby. That in turn has an effect on the kinds of clothes we buy.

Before you find yourself “dressing like a mom” take these tips into consideration:


    1. Fashionably ComfortableYou still want to be comfy, but you want to step it up a notch. How about a pair of leggings or some boots to     switch it up? You’re out of the yoga pants, still have the stretchy feel going on, the only difference…you’re looking stylish.
    2. Style 101One of the biggest reasons why women get slammed for dressing like a mom is because they may not be in touch with the current style. When you’re a sleep-deprived zombie answering to the needs of a newborn baby, you can easily forget what’s en vogue. Why not flip through a few magazines or watch a clip online? Sometimes you just need a little inspiration.
    3. Give Yourself a MakeoverIt’s not just the clothes that make the woman; it’s everything else in between. The accessories, the hair, the makeup, etc. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Hit the cosmetic counter at the department store for a free makeup lesson and then try to duplicate it with more affordable products. There’s a lot you can do!
    4. Get a Great Pair of JeansAlthough the infamous “mom jeans” are making a comeback, don’t wear them unless you can totally rock them. Instead, opt for a great fitting pair of jeans. From wash to pockets to waistband, there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding on your denim.
    5. Ditch the SneakersNothing makes me feel more like a mom than when I am wearing sneakers with jeans. Nothing. I totally feel like I’m dressing like a mom no matter what else I have going on. Opt for a pair of boots, flats, sandals, whatever you have to. While your sneakers may be the most comfortable shoes you own, you can probably find another pair of shoes that will do the trick just as well. At least try to alternate every now and again.
    6. No BaggageDitch the baggy clothes. Simply put. Baggy clothes are okay if you are scrubbing your tub or toilet. They are not flattering and make you look sloppy. While they may hide some extra pounds, there are plenty of flattering shirts that can do the same.Basically the key to not dressing like a mom is not forgetting who you were before. You don’t have to turn back the clock on style just because you have a child. Looking good makes you feel good which in turn will also make you happier. Who doesn’t want a happy and stylish mom around.

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