How the ABC’s Can Make You Money Today

Wooden alphabet cubes with A,B,C lettersIf you’re living on the East Coast, you can agree that this winter has been a rough one. For many of us, it feels like one giant snow day, often not being able to get into the office due to weather or traffic. Although working from home can be great, there’s a lot less distraction, you also tend to start delving a little deeper into your tasks, taking the time to create a to do list, getting focused on all those…oh no, where are my LEADS?!

Are you looking at your calendar and realizing the last lead you entered was months ago? Have no fear!

Today.. we’ve got the ABC’s of finding leads. Converting leads is what makes you the “real money.”

I personally understand not knowing where your next sales conversion is coming from. Last year at one point, I was completely wrapped up serving existing clients. Lead conversion, not to mention lead generation, was taking a backseat. I didn’t consciously make this decision, but it happens.

It takes 60-90 days of nurturing leads before they convert, so remaining consistent with your lead generations is key. When time is tight, use the ABC’s.


Have at least 3 actions every month that will bring you new leads.

1. Host a webinar with like-minded joint venture partners so you are both promoting and acquiring leads.

2. Speak or sponsor an event, positioning yourself as an expert. The leads from these presentations will be higher-quality, since they wanted to hear you speak, and are already interested in what you can teach them.

3. Participate in a telesummit or with a partner list, giving you the chance to cross the paths of many potential leads at once.

With any new lead source, have a follow-up plan in place. It might take 3-4 emails after initial contact to secure that lead, so be sure to keep them engaged, show them why they need your service.


Yes, we are using David Beckham of soccer stardom as a verb. You know why? Because when you hear Beckham you think of soccer, which makes you think of kicking, which we now want you to correlate with kicking it into gear!

Pick one day a month that you will Beckham. You’ll prepare, you’ll practice, and you’ll get into that game of lead follow-ups. Whether it be a call, an email, or a LinkedIN message, just remember the end goal (pun intended).


Before you can build anything, you have to collect the necessary materials, and it’s the same approach when trying to build a relationship with a lead.

Start using a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system to track all of your leads. You will be able to set reminders with respect to follow-up, track notes from previous sales conversations, and truly begin to build relationships. Contactually (click to check it out) is one CRM system we love.

So it’s easy: Actions, Beckhams, Collections. The ABCs never sounded so good. And what follows ABC… well that would be D for DOUGH! Now go make some!!

I’d love to hear from you!
What are some ways you get new leads into your business each month? Comment below.

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