How The “Women’s Only” Trend Is Driving Disruptive Solutions In The World of Travel

StephenieJOZUcolorImage - How The “Women's Only” Trend Is Driving Disruptive Solutions In The World of Travel

It’s no surprise that numerous “women’s only” activities already exist in the market as safe havens for women, including women’s only gyms, colleges and clubs/organizations. But, what may be shocking is the fact that there are little to no “women’s only” tech initiatives in the world of travel. This is especially alarming since 80% of all travel decisions are made by women, and, since women manage about $15 trillion in consumer buying power, a lot of which they are spending on travel.

However, the good news is, there are some new solutions in the market working to change this trend by finally introducing tech tools that make it safer and better for “just women” as they travel, whether they go in a group or by themselves. In fact, more women are now traveling solo than ever before. While statistics are limited, an estimated 32 million single American women traveled at least once in the last year, according to the Travel Industry Association – many of whom may have traveled alone. This often raises a number of safety concerns for women, since studies show that security and safety rank extremely high for female travelers.

Recognizing the growing frustrations and travel concerns that women have with booking hotels, restaurants and other amenities that seem to look great online — only to arrive at their destinations and discover their selections were actually unsafe, unclean or simply did not live up to their expectations – JOZU for Women was born.

JOZU for Women is one of the first “women’s only” online portals that helps women explore, research and connect to destinations safely using a proprietary algorithm called JENI. JENI is the ultimate travel buddy and concierge, and helps match JOZU members searching for travel advice with subject matter experts and sages that can plan your perfect holiday itinerary. The exclusive online community was created by women for women to “keep the boys out” of the “ladies locker room” style environment to facilitate greater transparency on topics relevant to female trip experiences beyond wi-fi quality and cleanliness of rooms. In a female-exclusive environment, women can share advice on the do’s and don’ts of traveling domestically or abroad. In addition, the platform allows women to curate transparent and unbiased reviews, access real-time safety information, and make new friends.

So now instead of women having to wonder if the hotel they selected online was in an unsafe neighborhood, they can learn these insights in advance before booking. In addition, with JOZU for Women, women can avoid uncomfortable situations like being seated next to a man on an airplane that makes them feel uneasy, or, getting in an Uber car in which the male driver makes them feel unsafe. However, what’s promising is the fact that solutions like JOZU for Women, are working to significantly mitigate threats against women while they travel.

Regrettably, since women travelers, and female tourists, are often major targets for crimes as they are gallivanting across new destinations for business or pleasure, it’s important to equip them with tools that can help them make wiser and safer decisions. By introducing innovative tech tools specifically designed just for them, there is hope that more women will feel empowered to explore the world, but to feel safer, and enjoy quality of life, while doing so.

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