How to Achieve Backlinks with Content Marketing: Strategies For 2018

SEO is the area of constant change. Plus, there’s one factor that remains unchanged – the years go by but backlinks are still Google’s most powerful ranking factor. Until recently the main goal of linkbuilding was to get as many links as possible to your page. That’s why strategies for getting links from low-quality sites, discussion forums and comments were on the rise.

Nowadays the game has changed and the machines require links from reliable sites, which is much more difficult. Content marketing is the strategy that can be the key to quality linkbuilding.

Linkbuilding is the process of getting links from other sites and content can be your strong ally on this journey. However, there are not all types of content that help generate backlinks, especially considering that the Internet is overloaded with content. Considering this, it is important to remember two rules of linkbuilding:

  • Create quality content that engenders audience value and engagement
  • Distribute content through the right channels to introduce you to the right people who can give you the quality link.

In short, the idea is to persuade trusted high authority sites to see your content, like it and still want to link to it. The first step in this journey is to create content that deserves to be backlinked. 

Creating content that deserves links

What are the content that deserve backlinks? The first step is to understand what makes people give a backlink to your content and find ways to gain their support. Strive to create useful content for users, but remember there are some types of valuable content that are more conducive to receiving backlinks. 

1. Original Survey with Insights

Original research offers unpublished statistical data, so when someone wants to mention the information presented in it, it can only do so by placing a link to the original source. The research must generate value for the public, answering some current question. This kind of content requires a lot of time and effort but the result is worth it, since it often allows you to get backlinks of the highest quality. 

2. Visual Content

Adding images and videos to your content increases the chances of getting backlinks. Visual content attracts the attention of readers, makes the article more dynamic and interesting, and makes sharing easier.

You can choose one of the following visual content:

  • Infographics: Many companies are betting on this type of content by adding it to blog posts that contain useful information, statistical data, or search results. Add the link to your site in the infographic’s embed code to make sure you get the link if someone does his/her repost.
  • Diagrams: They help you understand complex data and ensure that the reader can fully understand the information presented.
  • Videos: The popularity of content in the form of video is growing daily. Videos have a huge advantage it’s much harder to plagiarize a video than a blog post, so if you make a good video the odds that viewers will share it are great.

3. Step-by-Step Guides and eBooks

Step-by-step guides and eBooks in most cases contain valuable information about a particular topic, giving you more room to create deeper content. Well-planned and well-written content can become a benchmark for your audience. In addition, it can become a powerful backlink generation tool. Once you’ve created your incredible content, it’s time to think about distribution to make sure it gets the audience’s attention. 

Content distribution

Your distribution plan should focus on content consumers, but also on the impact this will have on your SEO. Unfortunately, even the most incredible article ever written cannot act alone and bring backlinks. You have to act and let people know about your content using the right channels. 

1. Building Links with Influencers

When the subject is link building the power of the influencers is critical to the success of the journey. If an opinion leader shares your content, the exposure of your article will be much higher, increasing your chances of getting quality backlinks. The first step is to find the influencers in your area. For this you can analyze the social networking platforms or use the tools appropriate for this task.

2. Writing Guest Posts

Another amazing way to distribute your content and get quality backlinks is to write guest posts to high authority blogs. Creating guest posts can strengthen your relationship with these sites and their influencers. When choosing to create guest posts, choose content receiver sites carefully. Analyze the possible candidate site and think about whether it has high authority and provides useful, shared and commented content by users. 

3. Requesting Links

Tracking mentions of your brand online can bring great opportunities for backlinks. Simply by contacting the author who mentioned your brand and asking to insert the link in the article. Most sites will not deny this request considering that your company has already been mentioned. The same method can work with sites that have links to your competitors. They probably like content with themes from their area – this is their chance to introduce themselves and offer some interesting content.


Creating valuable content is crucial to getting quality backlinks and improving your SEO, specifically in a competitive environment like content creation Dubai and Middle East. Backlink evaluation algorithms have evolved a lot over the past few years, so it’s getting harder and harder to get quality backlinks. The most effective way to achieve them is to create content that deserves to be shared and take care of their distribution among the optimal channels.


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