How to Achieve the Realistic Work/Life Balance

Most women wear many hats. Whether they’re running businesses, managing departments or running their households, women are powerhouses. However, it’s not uncommon to run into a woman who is completely suffering from burnout. This is because too often, women are expected to do it all without taking breaks. The truth is that it’s impossible to do it all without creating balance. If the idea of work/life balance seems laughable to you, know that it’s realistic and possible. In order to make things happen, consider some of the ways you can achieve the balance you crave.

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Put yourself first

For many women, the idea of putting yourself first seems selfish or impossible. However, if you don’t make it happen, you’re going to self-destruct. Putting yourself first looks a lot like exercising, eating nutritious foods and getting enough rest each night. This might mean that you’ll have to wake up an hour earlier to exercise. It might mean that you’ll need to spend your Sunday afternoon meal-prepping vegetables and fruits. It might mean that you’ll enjoy a spa massage once a month. Figure out what putting yourself first looks like for you. The key to remember is that putting yourself first is synonymous with filling your own gas tank before driving to your destination. If you have no gas, you’ll break down.


Spend the money

If this means that you need to order a pizza on your way home, spend the money. If you’re exhausted, you’ll only wear yourself out more by standing in the kitchen for another hour or more. Spend the money in places where it makes sense. If you’re launching your business with limited funds, figure out the best places to spend the money. While you might be able to learn how to code, is it worth it? Plus, there are plenty of systems like that will get the job done perfectly. Spend the money. You’ll save yourself and your sanity.


Verbalize your needs

Oftentimes, there are people around you who can help you in some way. Whether it’s a teenager who can do the dishes each night or a coworker who is willing to help with a specific project, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. In an effort to appear strong, many women take on too many tasks. If your to-do list is more than five or six tasks, use that as a sign that you need to open your mouth and delegate tasks to others. You don’t have to do everything. You have a limited amount of energy. You are human. Use the energy you have wisely.

As you get into a rhythm with these tips, you might uncover new ways to achieve your perfect level of balance. Before long, you’ll reap the benefits of becoming intentional. As a result, you’ll be able to show up differently and more effectively with each hat you choose to wear. Don’t wait for a tragedy to happen in order to work on achieving balance in your life. Start now. You’ll be better because of it.