How to Be a Web Design Rebel in 2014



The year 2014 is going to be splendid for designers. The web is constantly evolving and what was hot favorite in 2013 may not be the same in 2014, as there are always new ideas and edgy techniques emerging. To get the attention of your audiences, you will have to impress them visually that will blow their socks-off. Here are few tips on how to become a Design Rebel in 2014

#1 The secret is, Flat and Minimalistic

Keeping your designs flat will certainly grab eyeballs. All you have to do is say NO to shadows, embossing and gradients. Flat design is all about matching that 2D screen to make the most out of the canvas. The best examples for this are Microsoft’s Windows8 and Apple’s iOS7. Flat designs make it look simple, clean, bold and attractive.

#2 Watch for Responsive Designs

We live in an era where most of us make use of different handheld devices having different screen resolutions. And that is why it has become important to make websites compatible, flexible and responsive to suit these devices. Responsive web design is going to be in vogue as that’s the best solution for a website to be viewed on any device.

#3 Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling will become one of the coolest component of a website. It can actually tell a story and make the content one of the most interactive part of the website. Parallax scrolling has made scrolling swifter than ever before. This type of scrolling will surely bring a lot of traffic to the website as it is small-screen adaptive too.

#4 Typography is the King

Mixing and matching different typefaces together is going to enhance the overall look of your website. This is also going to be a great marketing strategy in 2014. Though it is tricky, but if you know how to experiment with typography, your designs are definitely going to be loved and highlighted.

#5 Colors on Demand

The color scheme has undergone tectonic shift making web developers realign their designing strategies. In 2014 Neons and Pastels will be the colors in demand. Yes we are talking about those hot pinks, hot greens, dusky blues and reds. These colors when chosen and mixed properly will impart a soft, friendly, subtle and fresh look to your web design.

#6 Less is More

The trend will continue well into 2014 as this year will be all about minimalism. All you have to do is avoid those extra pages on the website. This not only will mean faster loading time but will also make your design look neat and clean. Websites with simple, minimalistic designs and less decoration will stand out among its competitors.

#7 Keep it Simple

Simplicity will be all around in 2014. Websites with great UX will be most favored. So keeping the design simple rather than making it complex is the whole idea of getting things done the right way. Try and make it that simple for your users so they can fetch information as fast as they can.

#8 Image Centric

Images are main element of a design. So choose attractive large sized images that are visually soothing and catchy. The key to success is creating high resolution images for retina displays. This is because these images will save a lot of extra loading time on the server and thus providing users with a lag free experience.

#9 ‘A’ for….

Yes we are talking about Apple. We do have to mention Apple. The launch of Apple’s iOS7 has set complete example of flat design overhaul. This new look with flat appearance, parallax effect, grid layout, use of bolder color schemes will definitely be permeating web design in a very huge way.


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