How to be EPIC

people-29443_640EPIC. The word carries a focused intensity and a heavy burden of responsibility. We search out a partner to be a part of our own personal EPIC love story. To fail miserably is called an EPIC fail.

If we do something EPIC, we may eventually achieve legendary status. To be legendary means being remembered, being treasured, and exalted. Legends transcend time, distance, and cultures. Leaving our mark on this Earth, the memory we leave is unable to be erased if we are a legend.

Is that what we are truly seeking, to leave our mark with an ultimate permanent marker? To make sure we are not forgotten? We crave being noticed. We want to be told our talents, skills, or personality are extraodinary. Many young talents, from the publishing world to showbiz, are more focused on “being famous” than crafting, weaving, and developing into something brilliant.

Social media and social networking is widely popular because it allows us to make our voice heard, and to be noticed. Have you ever tweeted a company or celebrity? If they retweet, reply to, or favorite your tweet, you feel so important, “OMG they noticed me, ME!!” If they don’t answer (expectedly), after a slight feeling of disapointment, we say, “oh well, I know there’s a good chance they read it at least.” Why do we even care? Celebrities are EPIC wannabes like the rest of us. (I’m sure you can recall at least one celebrity who has been on “Where are they now?”)

To not matter is the fear that steers most of us in many of our major decisions in life. Regardless if you admit it or not. You disagree? Have you decided to have children? Even if the thought was a very small one, having children makes us live on beyond the years we are alloted. Either by name, or by being recalled by our offspring with a “Good ole Mom or Good ole Dad” reference.

So how can we be EPIC? Let’s say you’ve already examined your personal motivation for whatever you do, and you are fearless. You’ve conquered your personal insecurities and being noticed couldn’t matter less to you. You just LOVE to sing, write, compose, play your instrument, paint, do photography, go running, play sports, or whatever it is you do. In that case, you already are EPIC. The definition of EPIC is “heroic”. To be heroic is defined as “exhibiting or marked by courage and daring.” Heroes slay monsters and face their fears without hesitation or doubt.

To be EPIC or heroic, you must examine your motivations, face your fear of being noticed, slap that “monster” in the face, and tell it that it has no hold over you. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to do what you love with passion, desire, and purely motivated desire. You don’t have to worry about followers, fans, “likes” on your page, or facebook “friends”. THAT is EPIC, doing what you love everyday, passionately, just because you want to.

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