How to Celebrate Your Business This Holiday Season

giftsDecember has arrived and with it, there is much to celebrate with Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s all already happening or on the horizon. And between sewing costumes for the winter play the kids are in, holiday party hosting, and shopping for presents, entrepreneurs can’t forget to celebrate our businesses! Just as we are thankful for our friends, family, and health, we are thankful that we get to be our own bosses with a company that we not only feel passionately towards, but that also helps fulfill the needs of others. Tis the season to shine a light on your business and these three tips will help you get started!

Decorate your work space.

Decorating your office in honor of the holidays is a great way to bring in that sense of jolly cheer Monday through Friday each week. But beyond just decorating for the holidays, use this time to spruce up the office a bit. Instead of just buying a tree and putting up a menorah, paint the walls, deep clean the break room, or hang up some inspirational photographs and framed quotes. Give the gift of inspiration that lasts well after January 1st has come and gone! It’s much easier to come to work when it’s in a creative, aesthetically pleasing place.

Keep up your social media game!

During the holidays especially, it can be easy to slack on the social media front. Between days that you’re closed for holidays, and the family vacations you’ll take, you have a seemingly endless list of excuses as to why you haven’t been posting online. Don’t let this happen! Prior the season, your business created a consistent bottom line of providing strong content, and you don’t want to get out of that habit because of the holiday schedule. Keep everything going strong and even on the days that you may not need to post, or simply run out of time to do so, wish everyone season’s greetings or snap a quick Instagram photo of the office tree and share it on Facebook. Additionally, if your social media manager is out of the office for a couple days, make sure someone else on your team can take care of all things social media related (blog posts included) on behalf of him/her.

Celebrate the holidays in the office.

Lastly, celebrate your business this holiday season by rewarding your hard working employees. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t have a business to be thankful for! Whether you decide to take everyone out for a nice dinner, or have an in-office party, don’t be afraid to get creative. At our office we do something called “The Magical Month of MyCorp” where we celebrate each day of December in a different way. We do everything from a cookie exchange, to lighting our Menorah, to toasting with mimosas. This year for our holiday party, we’ll be at a bowling alley singing karaoke in our ugly Christmas sweaters. These celebrations are a great way to bring everyone together and get your team ready for another successful year.

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