How To Change Your Life in 2013

Make 2013 that fresh start you need. Learn to tap into the power of your own intention to get your career on the right track, become the leader others will follow, be as successful at work as you are at home (or visa versa) – and change the world while you’re at it!

Are you tired of New Years Resolutions that don’t work?

… you start off with great energy and excitement to take your career to a new place, establish relationships that fuel your life with excitement and make the world a better place…

… but before you know it your life is exactly where it was in 2012.

Here’s why – when we succeed in making intentional changes in our lives, it’s because we activate our inner power to stay focused on what we want. So, of course, if you make resolutions, set goals and sign up to objectives without connecting your own InPower focus – nothing changes.

  • Learn the simple practice of setting an intention that has the power to change your life, change the world and reduce your daily stress.

Intentions are an intuitive system you can adopt to help you:

  • Change Yourself & The World
    • …connect your own power of focus to life-changing and world-changing visions of success – to make them happen…
  • Reduce Stress
    • …stop worrying about the details while making sure they get done…

Join me in this complimentary, one hour webinar to learn about the power of Intentions and how you can use them to make 2013 your best year ever! Receive a BONUS replay of our December 2012 webinar to learn how intentions can help you reduce stress and manage your time and energy more productively. Click here to learn more and register to make 2013 a life changing year.


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