How to Convert MBOX Files to PST Format | Free Methods

Summary: Email migration is a technical arena full of challenges and issues. Even when it involves the two most popular file formats – MBOX and PST. So, in this article, we will sidestep these challenges and learn how to convert MBOX files to PST format with free methods. And at the same time, focus on various aspects necessary in this scenario like accuracy, efficiency, conversion rate and many more.

Why Export MBOX to PST?

MBOX is a mailbox storage file format which supports more than 21 emails clients worldwide. This extensive list of email applications also includes giants such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, etc. However, several reasons cause the users to import their MBOX data in Outlook platform. And for that very purpose, one must know how to convert MBOX files to PST file format. Since PST is the proprietary format of MS Outlook which stores all of its mailbox data.

Free Option for Conversion of MBOX Files to PST format

This method requires two email clients on your local machine for a successful implementation – Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook. We will carry out the following simple steps for free email transfer:

  • Import MBOX File in Thunderbird
  • Save emails from MBOX to EML files using Thunderbird
  • Drag and drop saved EML to MS Outlook
  • Export MBOX format emails to PST format

I. Import the MBOX File(s) in Thunderbird

Download and Install the free ImportExport Add-on in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Afterward, Import the MBOX file in Thunderbird using this add-on

  • Go to Tools > ImportExportTools > Import mbox file > Import directly one or more mbox files
  • Locate the MBOX files that you wish to import and click Open
  • The imported MBOX file will appear on the navigation pane

II. Save MBOX Emails as EML in Thunderbird

  • Now, open the folder corresponding to the MBOX file and select all the desired emails
  • Right-click on any highlighted message and select the Save as option
  • Afterward, select the destination location and click on the Save button.

This will download all the selected emails in the desired storage location on your local machine.

III. Drag & Drop the Saved EML in Outlook platform

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook application
  • Now select all the saved EML files and drag and drop them into any Outlook folder

IV. Export MBOX emails to PST file

  • Within the Outlook platform, navigate to File -> Open & Export -> Import/Export
  • From the list of options, select Export to a file -> Next
  • Now choose Outlook Data File(.pst) option -> Next
  • Navigate to the folder where you dropped the EML files, select it and click Next
  • Browse the desired location and click on the Finish button.
  • This will generate a new PST file at the given location.

How to Convert MBOX Files to PST format in an Efficient Manner

If users are concerned about the integrity of their MBOX data, then they can try MBOX converter software and perform MBOX to PST conversion efficiently. It is capable of drastically reducing the time required for process completion. Advanced filter capabilities and naming convention provide users with all-around customization options. It can also freely convert 25 emails/ folder to PST file format. Also, there is no data loss risk involved with the tool. The following brief steps need to be followed in order to make use of this method:

  • Download the MBOX converter software and run it
  • Click on Add File and load desired MBOX files in the software
  • View the scanned MBOX emails with attachments
  • Export the desired items in PST format

Some Key Attributes to Remember during MBOX files to PST Migration

  • Make sure there is no data loss scenario involved with the method in question.
  • Always notice what your requirements are – There is a huge difference between transferring 50-60 emails and converting thousands of emails.
  • Less time-consuming process is generally preferred over the lengthier ones.
  • Quality and accuracy of emails must be maintained throughout the conversion. After all, there is no point in transferring files if the emails get damaged or manipulated somehow.

Which Method is Your Best Bet?

It depends entirely on your requirements and preference. For some users, getting a PST file is enough, while others expect high-quality results and efficiency during MBOX conversion. The free methods may seem costless at first but the presence of some unavoidable risks can turn it into a costly affair. While the first solution has its own merits when transferring a few emails from MBOX to PST files, it consumes a lot of time for larger migration scenarios. A user needs to possess the working knowledge of both Thunderbird and Outlook in order to perform the complete process. And the risks of data-loss adds to this negative factor tenfold. That’s why users with expectations of quality and accuracy often move towards MBOX converter solutions. After all, in the longer run, dedicated tools save both time and money.


In this post, we went through different methods which can be used to convert MBOX files to PST format. There are free methods available that can be used for such migration. But due to certain risk factors, software solutions are still preferred over them. View the functioning of the software application and the free solution, and find the best way by which you can get relevant results in quick time.


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