How to Create a Good Balance between Motherhood and Work Life

rbk-working-mom-1-0311-mdnMore and more these days you find yourself as a working mom consumed with the rigors of your day. Creating a balance of between your busy work schedule and demands it places on your body and the pressure of raising a child or children is important. It helps you to reduce stress and keep you healthy and heart strong – understanding cardiovascular health like the information on is important for all of us.

What are the best ways to create the necessary balance between work and motherhood? Some of the best advice comes from the same type of skills you use in the work world. This advice includes scheduling your day to maximize your time at work or being a mother, committing to a regular workout schedule that includes aerobics, taking 5 minutes for yourself, asking for help and prioritizing work and motherhood duties.

    • Maximize Your Schedule – One of the ways to create the much needed balance between working and being a mom is by looking for ways to maximize your schedule. What this entails is you looking at a daily planner and dividing your day into two components: work and mom. You need to create this type of visualization in order to help you devote the hours that you need for work on work things and the hours that you need as mom as mom hours. Try to reduce (as much as possible) overlaps of these distinct roles and dedicate scheduled hours to scheduled tasks only.
    • Commit to a Regular – Aerobic Workout Schedule Part of your scheduling has to include time for you to commit to physical activity, particularly those of an aerobic nature. Dedicating 10-30 minutes to an aerobic workout can do wonders for your stamina, both at work and at home, and give you the energy boost you need. There is no need to go overboard in this area and engage in any type of high intensity workout or fitness regimen.
    • Taking 5 minutes for You – The 1959 Dave Brubeck Quartet song “Take Five” (we all have heard this melodic tune) is a perfect way to give though to some “me” time. Before you embark on your busy work day, simply borrow 5 minutes from the total 1,440 minutes in a 24-hour day and focus on you. This will help reduce stress and refocus your attention to your schedule and what needs to be done. If it helps, play the song!
    • Ask for (and Get) – Help In our fast paced world that is dominated by a 24/7 news cycle, instant access to information via the internet and every type of mobile device known to man, it is easy to get so caught up in it all and quickly become overwhelmed. This is especially true of you and your need to balance your work-a-day life and your mom life. One solution is to ask for help. When you feel overwhelmed ask your partner, a close friend, relative and, yes, even your children to pitch in and pick up the slack. This is not a sign of weakness or failure but the sign of a good delegator and time manager.
    • Prioritizing Work and Motherhood – Duties Learning to prioritize between your work life and mom duties is a function of time management. This is a lot to do with creating a schedule and the necessary balancing act between the two roles but more than that. It is a mindset that you need to carry that permits you only to think about work when working and mom stuff when being a mom, home with your child/children. If you can dedicate yourself to adopting this mindset and putting in place the right system for managing the balance, you will help reduce your stress and stay healthy, both in body and in mind.

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