How to Create a Workplace that Can Increase Productivity

There is a direct correlation between productivity and time management. If you are good at time management, it’s more likely you can complete tasks on a high level without sacrificing the quality. It also means being productive and, therefore, enjoy what you do and achieve better results in everything. All in all, to start working better, you need to increase productivity, and there is one secret how to do it with almost no efforts: workplace organization.

No matter who you are, whether a freelancer or a salaried worker, you might spend much time working at your cabinet. Having a good working environment is a must, as it impacts your creativity, cleverness, and concentration. And it is you who can organize your workplace to boost productivity once and for all.

If you want to learn how to organize a good workplace, get ready to do it right now. Here is a list of steps to take to create a workplace that can increase productivity.

Make a Renovation

In terms of workplace organization, everything matters: from the right color for the walls to your writing desk placement. Creating a good workplace is not just about decluttering everything. It’s about making a good working environment that positively affects you. For example, if your walls are painted the right color (blue or green), you might stay focused and happy. Plus, these colors are restful, so they help to be motivated, relaxed, and happy.

Some people claim that having two zones is beneficial, too. If you want to organize a perfect workplace, you’d better divide it into two zones: computer and non-computer ones. While the first one is for the working process itself, the second one is a place where you can boost inspiration.

Set Up Proper Lighting

As most of us work with computers, it’s important to prevent eyesight problems, so the next step is to set up proper lighting. First of all, you’d better take care of both daylight and illumination. Place your writing desk in front of the source of the daylight, get a good office lamp (4000 K light is great), and adjust the brightness level and the color temperature of the screen.

Pick Up Office Stuff

To stay productive and motivated, you need to have a good working environment. Good office stuff plays an important role in it, so you’d better pick up comfortable and useful things to place. First of all, get an ergonomic office chair as you need to have something to sit in, and it should prevent health problems. Thus, go through it as it should have armrests, adjustable seat and backrest height, and a comfortable cushion.
Working all day long, it’s important to have a comfortable writing desk, or it’s even better to have sitting/standing desks to stand up from time to time. Plus, put bookshelves, lockers, and drawers to keep all things you might need.

Organize Your Writing Desk

It’s nearly impossible to stay focused if your writing desk is messy. Looking for an item to use right now, you can spend much time if your table is not so well-organized. Thus, place everything to its place: use bookshelves for books, drawers/lockers for documents and drafts, boxes for utensils, stickers as reminders.

Once your table is organized, it’s easier for you to stay focused.

Add Things That Inspire

To stay productive, you need to seek out the ways to boost inspiration. All people have something that motivates them: quotes, paintings, literature, films, music, or photos. Once you place these things to your workplace, you can boost inspiration.

Once you feel the need to draw inspiration, surf the Internet to find success stories of other people. Reading such stories, you can get an insight and start working harder. Maximize your potential and achieve new goals.

Update Gadgets

Modern people use gadgets daily to improve work-life balance. Modern technologies help us work faster, connect people online, and manage workflow. To get the most out of them, you need to update gadgets. The faster they work, the better it is for your productivity. Plus, you start using gadgets that can help you work faster and better: a digital highlighter, a smart pen, a webcam, a portable hard drive, etc.

If you want to succeed in your career, do your best and try to stay productive. Once you organize a good workplace, it’s more likely you can start working better and faster. Don’t miss a chance to grow as personality and achieve new goals in your life.

And if you are still hesitating whether to organize a workplace or not, there is a hint from Bruce Lee: “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done”.


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