How to Create Calm, Clarity and Change in the Midst of Chaos

There always seems to be more work than hours in the day to complete it. This presents an internal struggle for many women who battle with the superwoman syndrome. How can you recognize whether you are a proponent of this ever increasing epidemic? Ask yourself these questions:

Do I constantly fear the opinions of others?
Are my decisions guided by the thoughts of my peers?
Am I afraid to say no when my plate is already overloaded?
Am I driven by an excessive need to perform perfectly in all things?
Do I sacrifice what I truly desire in order to satisfy someone else’s need?

If you have said yes to at least two of these questions, it is necessary to address these mindset issues. There is a critical urgency that requires swift action to change before you find yourself completely out of balance.

The top three things women crave more than anything is a calm spirit when the demands of life tend to be at an all-time high. Second, the clarity of thought to envision a better set of circumstances and a step-by-step process that provides exhaustive details in how to move forward. Thirdly, the realization of a preconceived outcome as a result of personal investment to receive what they have silently longed for.

Creating Calm:

If you have been experiencing abnormal amounts of frustration it may be time to review everything currently sitting on your plate. Do you really need to be on five committees? Are you trying to win the committee member life time achievement award? Seriously speaking, when we spread ourselves too thin we become ineffective in other areas of our life that demand full energy and participation. It’s time to assess and reassess what is adding to your stress or creating calm in your spirit. Be keenly aware that as you commit to a new project, event, job assignment or networking group an investment of time will be necessary and other areas of your life will be impacted. Affirmation: In order to create inner calm, begin to eliminate the non-essentials from your life.

Creating Clarity:

As a result of your fast paced life style you don’t have much time to reflect on 1) Your decision making. 2) What is motivating you to repeat unfruitful behavior patterns? 3) Why are you unsatisfied with where you are? 4) The discipline to map out a plan for where you ultimately desire to be.

In order to create space for clarity it will require ample amounts of quiet reflection that will provide insights for designing your new life. Affirmation: In order to create clarity, I make a conscious decision to sit in silence to hear my purest thoughts.

Creating Change:

The power to create change will insist upon you being relentless in order to achieve your personal goals. Naturally, there will be internal resistance to this new person that you are seeking to cultivate.

How will you overcome the tendencies to fall back into old mindsets and familiar routines? Your desire for change has to be greater than your fear of failure. If you fall seven times, get back up 8 times stronger!

The process of change may not be easy, it may not be comfortable but the rewards will be more than worth it. Affirmation: If I desire change, I must be completely ready, willing and committed to the end.

As you seek to be, all that is needed shall become available at every turn of the step. The greatest obstacle will not be the wind or the waves, nor the sound of a doubting voice; it will be you and only you, the one who possesses the power to believe and achieve.


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