How to create your own Dream Team / Personal Board of Advisors

We humans were meant for relationships. We were created to keep each other company, to exist in tribes, to flourish together. As such, I always reiterate to my clients the importance of not “going it alone”.

No matter what you are trying to achieve in life and no matter what stage or season of your life you might be in, being supported by your own, personal tribe is at the core of you living your best life.

I call this tribe, my people, my upmost support:

my Dream Team / Personal Board of Advisors.

Ever since college I have known and have been in love with Camilo. We can’t even remember how we became friends, although I can tell you there was, no doubt, a lot of dancing involved. For the past 12 years this man has been one of the most fun and most key people in my life. I run most things pass him when it comes to life, business, family, politics, just about anything. Cam has a leadership role on my Personal Board of Advisors because he challenges me to be better; a better life coach, a better friend, a better person. He is more than just a friend to bounce ideas off of. I value his insight, opinion, and know he has the truest intentions for my life. He gets me. He is a part of my heart.

I met Maggie through Camilo. Mags is a spitfire and anyone who wants to change the world would want Maggie on their team. She is loyal, tough, and the girl gets stuff done! Maggie, not so coincidently, works as a fancy consultant for one of the country’s top consulting companies. She asks questions. A lot of questions. And not in a judgmental way. Her intention is always to get people to be the best version of themselves. She is a great listener and has a way of helping me constantly evolve. She is loving and lovely.

Jen and Sarah are my cheerleaders. Unconditionally supportive, they believe in me no matter what. If I ever need some positive reinforcement, I call them. Through the ups and downs, they help reassure me that I’m on the right path and I trust them because they lead with their hearts.

Kara is the newest board member. She is an unbelievably talented woman. She kicks butt and takes names. She is a mother and at the top of her career field. She is an advocate for amazing women and she is someone whose opinion I desire because I look up to her business savvy, community involvement, and classiness.

Yes, these people are first and foremost my friends. However, each transcends and plays a key role in helping to further my awesomeness. They give advice, listen, ask questions, consider, ponder, and suggest. They not only love me as a friend, they want to see the best version of myself manifest on a regular basis. They might not always say things I want to hear, but they speak the truth. They connect the dots of my life for me and constantly stretch my mind and heart.

And just to note, it’s not like we all get together as a real-life board and discuss me and my life (sadly). In fact, all of us are spread out across the globe. And just because someone is on my board, doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m on theirs. Some of my board members don’t even know each other; they know of each other, but I seek their help in various situations, thus, no need to have them be at the same place at the same time (although, that would be one heck of a party!)

Since we were not meant to live this life alone, all of us need and truly benefit from having a Dream Team / Personal Board of Advisors.

Who is or who can be on your Dream Team?

Dream Team / Personal Board members:

…can and most likely will be your friends first. But not all friends are fit to be on your board.

…can be mentors.

… can be family.

… should stretch you.

…should want the best for you but should possess the talent of looking at situations objectively. For instance, your dream team should consist of people who can look outside of their own experiences (not just say what they would do) and consider outside factors and possibilities.

…be genuinely interested in helping you to live your best life.

…should consistently show up. When you call, they call you back. When you write, they respond. And they reach out too. One-sided relationships just don’t work—this is a good rule for any relationship.

…should love you and you should know it. Actions speak louder than words and you want people on your team that you are proud to know.

We were not meant to be alone in this life. If you think you can do it alone, maybe you can, but wouldn’t it be better to do it with others? Especially a Dream Team like the one described above? These people are, in a way, my personal coaches. They help alleviate fear, they work alongside me, they want the best for ME, and they constantly help to manifest my best life. I am blessed to know them and even more blessed to have them on my team.

Who needs to be on your Personal Board? Think about all of your relationships. Family, friends, coworkers, life partners, mentees, mentors, neighbors, etc. In reality, you probably already have a board. Take note of the people in your life who emulate the above qualities. Have you asked them for help? What do you need from them right now? What can you contribute? Have you told them how you feel about them?

Don’t go it alone. Dynamic things happen when like-minded people come together.

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