How to Cut Costs on Pregnancy and Baby Items

If you are getting ready to welcome a little bundle of joy into the world soon, you may also be having a few worries on your mind. As much as the whole experience is going to have many a joy for years to come, things like expenses can be a real stressor. Mums-to-be should never have to stress about anything, so if you are wondering how you are going to cover the cost of all your pregnancy clothing and baby items, these tips will ease the burden.

Look for Cheaper Items Online

You can get plenty of cheap maternity clothes online, and you don’t have to forfeit your fashion sense either! Use the internet to your advantage and look for the cheapest tops and leggings and hunt for bargains. This is especially useful not just for cutting your costs down, but also for avoiding having to go all the way into town in the midst of your third trimester! You can get everything delivered right to your own front door.

Buy in Bulk

If you have had children before, or you have seen how it goes with a friend or a relative before, then you will know that there can be no such thing as too many diapers or wet wipes. Get all of these disposable items in bulk. Talcum powder, cotton swabs, baby shampoo, and baby soaps can never go waste. Many of these items can be used by adults too if there by some unlikely chance you end up with more than you need! Buying in bulk will save you hundreds of dollars in baby products over the next several months. Check the expiry dates on food items before you buy these in bulk, as these should certainly not go to waste.

Create a Registry for Baby and Mum

Baby showers, birthdays, and just about any occasion that calls for gift giving can shave off a huge portion of your expenses. As early as you can, make a list of all the things you will need as a new mum and for your baby. This can be clothing, baby toys, strollers, and disposable items. Give the list to your friends and family and ask them to each pick something that they want to get you for the baby shower or any other gifts. A registry would make this easiest as each item will be ticked off as it is bought. This way you will not have to spend on a good majority of your needs yourself, and you will be able to avoid receiving duplicate gifts that you don’t need.

Look for Deals and Discounts

Big department stores and baby and mum stores will have plenty of seasonal sales and discounts on offer. Even if you’re still preggers when these sales turn up, you can still get plenty of products that you will need when the baby does come, like those wet wipes, soaps, and talcum powder. Don’t go for diapers right away because you may not accurately guess what size your baby will need.

These little tips and tricks will make a huge difference to your expenses and save you a bundle. Look for coupons and sign up for news letters from baby and maternity stores so you can find out about any sales or discounts too.


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