How to Control Hot Flashes

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It’s a sad fact of life as a woman, the ever-looming presence of menopause which lurks just over your shoulder, reminding you that one day, yes, even you will be middle-aged.  And one of the most notorious symptoms of menopause?  Hot flashes.  To be fair, some people just get really warm at random times, not necessarily during menopause.  You can experience annoying “personal summers” at just about any age.


Whether you’re battling your way through menopause or just sweating through the steamy summer, here are some tips that’ll help you cope with those nasty hot flashes.

How to Control Hot Flashes Tip 1: Drink cold drinks instead of hot.

Even though it seems minor, a hot beverage really can cause your body temperature to climb and trigger a hot flash.  Drink an iced latte instead of a hot one and you’ll put yourself at less risk for a flash.

How to Control Hot Flashes Tip 2: Practice meditation or yoga.

Deep breathing exercises work great for keeping hot flashes at bay.  Train yourself to take slow, deep breaths as soon as you feel a hot flash coming on.  It can actually shorten the duration.


How to Control Hot Flashes Tip 3: Avoid spicy foods.

Again, a rise in body temperature can trigger a hot flash.

How to Control Hot Flashes Tip 4: Dress in layers.

That way, you can peel them off if you get too warm.

How to Control Hot Flashes Tip 5: Keep your environment as cool as you can.

You’re less likely to have a hot flash when you’re in a room that’s cool than when you’re in a room that’s toasty.  Keep a fan on or crank up the air conditioning.

How to Control Hot Flashes Tip 6: Get regular exercise.

In general, regular physical activity is a great way to keep things in your body running smoothly.

How to Control Hot Flashes Tip 7: Limit caffeine and alcohol.

Both have been known to trigger hot flashes in some women.  For many of us, it’s borderline impossible to avoid caffeine completely, so just remember to moderate your intake.

How to Control Hot Flashes Tip 8: Stay hydrated.

Also a good tip for life, drink plenty of water.  Cold water will also make you feel naturally chilly which is a great way to avoid having a personal summer.

Though they feel like your own personal hell, hot flashes are just one of many uncomfortable things we ladies must endure from time to time.  But just like all things, they too will pass.  Until they do, hopefully, these tips help you remain cool under pressure. For more ideas about dealing with hot flashes check out our everyday tips for hot flash relief here and here.


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