How to Earn More Money by Using Effective Time Management

When you set out for business for yourself, you have plans, goals and expectations. After the thrill of start up has passed, you start to review where you are at, what you have accomplished and where you want to move towards. Within this reflection you’ve probably realized that the secret to your success is truly on how well you manage your time. Why do I say that? Well, most business owners want to tackle the most number of tasks within the limited amount of time they have for the biggest payoff. The problem is that often the low hanging fruit projects have the least amount of financial gain for the company. So, how do you break the cycle of doing what is easy over what will bring in the most profit?

* Make a list of all the projects you have to complete for the day
Bring to the top of the list, everything that is an emergency issue, that has to happen today or your business will fall apart

* Next, list the projects that you have to complete for your paying clients

* Then, list the tasks that will bring in profit for the company – this could be lead generation campaigns or qualified prospect meetings

* Finally, address all the busy work that lands on the list – However, don’t sweat the small stuff! If you can’t get to these tasks, don’t fret, they aren’t making you money and you can’t waste time on non-income producing projects. In addition, these line items are often the ones you can easily delegate to staff or outsource to a virtual assistant or consultant.

Then start the day and follow your newly organized list line by line. Don’t regress into your previous habits by moving off to something else because you know you can complete it quickly. Learn what items you absolutely, must complete on your own, and allow yourself to delegate and outsource the rest. By being more strategic with your time, you will keep your current clients satisfied and build your sales pipeline, all while keeping your sanity and increasing profits.

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