How to Establish an International Network

Establishing a global business presence would mean a worldwide motion towards trade, communication integration, and economic development. This business practice has become a popular concept in the business industry, and according to Thomas L. Friedman, it would continue to grow more in the 21st century. Indeed, lots of businesses today are going global. However, taking your business globally would be a dynamic and complex process. A deep understanding and knowledge are needed to know the appropriate target markets and current market trends and to build a good competition. In other words, you need to meet the essential foundation in order to bear the successful result.

Any business that aims to go global would need a strong connection among international networks. It helps in expanding the business and increasing profits. However, as proven, distance from other countries to a local business location is a big hindrance to business transactions and communications. According to Statistics and the Quality of Life, building business presence and connections in today’s world has been made easier.

Interact with International Contacts

Build an international business presence with international phone numbers. International numbers allow your business to gain recognition without the overhead cost of traveling to a particular country. Instead, you just need to invest a little for international calls. The false impression that international numbers are highly expensive makes businesses think twice about this option. In actuality, international numbers can be less expensive if the selection of the right calling card partner is thoroughly taken into account. Cheap international calls with NobelCom is ideal for international networking and communication. Nobelcom is perfect for domestic businesses aims to provide affordable calling options for their international contacts.

International numbers is a great portal to meet new markets from international borders. It enables your business to expand easily and build an international network without the trouble of traveling from one country to another.

Other Advantages of International Phone Numbers


  • Easily build international markets through a local or a free-toll number


Communicate with your international contacts without the need of establishing regional offices. Your business can opt in for a toll-free phone number or a local number for more than 70 countries. Call routing allows inbound calls to be routed anywhere in your country’s extension.


  • Keeping a Local image to international contacts wherever you are based


Your caller ID should be your international number so as to create the impression of being local towards your international contacts. Your business should have a variety of international numbers on different devices. In this way, you can strengthen your business’ professional image by being available and reachable anytime and anywhere. When it comes to faxes and outbound voice calls, it is important to keep just one international number.

Final Thoughts

Establishing a global presence for your business is not for the fainthearted. According to some studies, however, this practice is inevitable to most businesses since there is a greater growth opportunity offered by global markets. By laying a good foundation and relations to your international contacts, the complicated job might just bring you to greater results.


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