How To Figure Out What You’re Good At: Three Tips To Find Your Niche

Last week I had a dinner date with a friend. She was trying to figure out how she was going to make money with her career. Many of you are working for companies in a job you’re unhappy with. Or perhaps you’re in academia and you’re seeing the difficulties in the education system and you want something more (but not quite corporate America). Sometimes our minds are so clouded with noise, we can’t clearly see what we’re even good at. We don’t know how to match our passions, values, and hobbies with a dream career track. Don’t settle in your career. Do the digging and figure out what truly makes you tick, and how you’re going to turn that into a marketable skill. Find your niche with my three tips to help shift you in the right direction on your self discovery process.

For those of you who are searching for answers, I ask that you take a minute to watch this two minute video.


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