How to find a flexible new job

These days, more and more people are looking for a job that is flexible. Flexible means doing away with the typical 9-5 in-office scenario. For many it is necessary to have a flexible new job in order to take care of family and other responsibilities. But, of course many employers may be less than eager to make that happen. While it may not be easy, it is not impossible to find a flexible job.

Finding a Flexible New Job Tip#1

Embrace Technology flexible new job If you can’t physically be in the office for meetings, let technology be your favorite co-worker. Be open to video conferences and conference calls. If flexibility for you means not being in the office for the 9-5, you need to be open to other ways the boss can communicate with you. If you truly want a flexible new job you’ll come up with creative ways to be a team player no matter where you are.

Finding a Flexible New Job Tip#2

Online Resources Many times flexible jobs involve telecommuting. What better way to find a flexible job then using your computer. There are many sites that specialize in flexible jobs. Going straight to these sites won’t have you wasting time on searching elsewhere.

Finding a Flexible New Job Tip#3

Show the Boss the Benefits Whether you’re looking for a new gig with flexible hours or want flexible hours at your current job, you need to show the boss the benefits. Many bosses are not that willing to give flexible hours because they’re afraid productivity will suffer. You need to show why a flexible new job is a win-win for everyone involved.

Finding a Flexible New Job Tip#4

Be Open Minded Just because a job may not openly state flexible hours does not necessarily mean it can’t happen. If you see a job that fits your skill set and that you like, you should still apply. Sometimes employers will make exceptions if they really want you on their team.

Finding a Flexible New Job Tip#5

Dedication & Discipline flexible new job If a flexible new job means not clocking in at the office every day, then you need to be disciplined. We can all get distracted easily at home. You need to be dedicated to your job and stick to the task. An employer needs to know he or she can trust that the job will get down under not-so normal circumstances. A flexible job means different things to different people. Be sure you’re on the same page with your potential employer so both of you are happy with the results.


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