How To FIX a Flat Landing Page…And Build Your List FAST!

Airplane taking off -How To FIX a Flat Landing Page…And Build Your List FAST!
My friend’s trip to Cancun had been well planned and promised to be a week of fun and relaxation…and then she got on the plane. What she described as a “less than satin-smooth” flight concluded with a landing that was horrific. Rolling, pitching, and yawing indecisively as it descended, a hard thud and some unsettling screeching was her official welcome to her vacation. As eager as she had been for some fun in the sun, she found that this monstrous landing really set the wrong tone and felt that it actually spilled over into her vacation.

Are your landing pages getting potential customers off to a similar start with your business? Are your landing pages doing their job…or are they leaving people flat?

Before we answer that, let’s stop and consider what a good landing page is…and does. Is it simply a page on which you land? By that definition, then any page can be a landing page… and we know that isn’t the right answer. Often known as “lead capture pages,” they are more easily defined by their content and purpose:

1) A landing page includes a form to complete.

2) A landing page exists to encourage visitors to submit their information on that form.

That’s all? That sounds so simple!

Not so fast. It’s often these seemingly simple things that can be perplexing, causing us to make mistakes that result in unsuccessful landing pages. Do you recognize any of these issues in your landing pages?

AN UNCLEAR HEADLINE – Be vague and poetic somewhere else. This is your “you had me at hello” moment, so don’t squander it. This is where you let visitors know
-how you want them to proceed (“Download our ebook…,”)

-what its purpose is (“Download our ebook, ‘Tips For A Successful Tomato Garden’…”), and

-why they must have it (“Download our ebook, ‘Tips For A Successful Tomato Garden’…and Grow Your Biggest Crop ever!”).

TOO MUCH DISTRACTION – Keep the purpose and focus of your landing page tight. Make one offer. If you’re offering an ebook, then stick with that. If you are offering a newsletter, then focus on that. Spend your energy on this page promoting the offer at hand and emphasizing the visitor’s need for it. If you do this successfully, you’ll have a new contact to whom you can offer other things in the near future!

MULTIPLE “CALLS TO ACTION” – The goal of this page is to have your visitors fill out that information form. That’s it. You can direct them to your home page or link them to other information later. On this page, the only call to action should be about how to take advantage of the offer you have in that headline.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… – You’ll lose people’s interest before they read the first line if your formatting is dull. Grab attention with a headline that POPS! Keep their attention by using subheadings and bullet points, rather than large, laborious clumps of off-putting text. (This is not to minimize the importance of your text! It must be exciting, well crafted, and above all, correct!) Use fonts that are interesting, however do not sacrifice readability for whimsy. And don’t forget the power of well-chosen and carefully placed images! Even your form submission button can do with a splash of flair. Rather than a bland “submit” button, consider spicing it up by having visitors click a button that reminds them of what they are really doing or getting (“Start Growing Bigger Tomatoes Now!”)!

THE CATAPULT TO NOWHERE – Once someone has completed and submitted the form, where are they taken from there? A “thank you for your interest” page is nice, polite, …and flat. Don’t leave people with a feeling of “…so, that’s it?” after they share their information with you. Of course you should thank them, but why leave it at that? This is a perfect opportunity to further engage them with your company. They’re clearly interested, (otherwise they wouldn’t be there). Suggest things that will enable them to really connect with your company.
– “Like” us on Facebook.

– Follow us on Twitter.

– Sign up for our ezine, newsletter, email…

– Read our blog.

Think of it this way: you’re the pilot of this plane. It’s up to you to ensure that your visitors have a positive landing! By following these tips, you will build your list in a way that is exciting and highly effective.

You won’t even need to fasten your seatbelt. Happy Landings!

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