How to Follow Your Dreams

Tina Ladson

We live in world where people, places, things and ideas are easily placed in neat little categories. Nothing streamlines and un-complicates our lives more than when we can put items into a bucket or category which then simplifies our understanding and keeps us moving along in the fast paced world we live in. These identifiers seem to keep everything tidy, controlled and easily processed. This is great when it comes to say, organizing the kitchen or putting together the kid’s playroom. Where this concept starts to fail us is when it comes to individuality or self-identity.

People, especially women, often times feel the need to put themselves in some sort of “cute” category. Outgoing, introvert, emotional, analytical, high-strung, over-achiever are just a few of the labels we give ourselves and others. What we sometimes fail to realize is that we can be a combination all of these things and some. We are not one dimensional beings that live in a space of either or. You may be high-strung and analytical under certain circumstances and at other times, completely laid back and level-headed. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in descriptions, we actually play into them, exploding with an expected reaction and ignoring our authentic selves. Trying to satisfy a label, description or adjective that you or someone else has assigned to you is exhausting! Never back down from staying true to your gut and natural instincts. Don’t give into drama, stereo-types and cliché responses to anything.

Even as you are evolve through your career life, never place limits on what you can do or learn to do. Maybe you have been in management for years or accounting; that doesn’t mean you may not have a creative or trendy side. Or for the opposite, maybe you have been creative all of your life and naturally found your groove in a design career path. This doesn’t mean you can’t evolve or even simultaneously be a business person or pursue strategy and research to complement your creative talents.

Follow Your Dreams

You will walk through many doors in your life journey, don’t let allow a shallow definition to define you or your success. Continue to reinvent yourself; continue to learn and to push boundaries. Only when we come out of the comfort zones of who we “think” we are, do we really begin to discover ourselves. Categories, departments, labels and buckets are great for organizing flowers or knick-knacks around the house. But you are a multi-dimensional being. You are wonderfully and uniquely made by God. You are boundless! Open your heart and mind to all of your possibilities.

Think of all the dreams you had as a child. When someone asked what you wanted to be, you probably exclaimed – “a doctor and an actor!” Because as a child, that seemed cool and you saw no limits as to what you could do. Try to approach life everyday with that same sparkle and enthusiasm. No doubt, it will take work and perseverance. As an adult, you are no longer shielded with the innocence of a child but propel yourself forward into new things. Fear and all makes the journey worth-while. Keep asking questions, searching and becoming inspired. You have been give the power and the grace to live the life you want.

By Tina (B.) Ladson


Tina Terrell Ladson is a lifestyle, brand and marketing consultant, researcher and featured blogger. Visit her blog at LifestylewithTinaB.

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