“How-to” for Pinterest Secret Boards

pinterestAs many of you are already know Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows users to save their favourite ideas, images and links on a single webpage.  Users can “pin” all of the items of their desire and anyone can go onto their Pinterest page and look through their pins and decide to pin them for themselves if they so desire.

Until now there was no ability to hide what you were doing on Pinterest and everything you pinned was made public, however that changed yesterday.  Pinterest announced to it’s users yesterday that they would now be offering the ability to have “Secret Boards”.  Secret Boards are just as they sound boards that you can create but keep to yourself so you are the only one who can view them.

As of right now each Pinterest user has been given three Secret Boards that can be found at the bottom of each person’s Pinterest webpage and look like this.

pinterest juicemarketinggrouppinterestgoessecret2

You can create your three Secret Boards one of three ways:


  1. Click on the “Create a Secret Board” you see at the bottom of your Pinterest boards page
  2. Click on the usual “Create a Board” spot at the end of your usual boards and be sure to toggle the Secret option to “ON”
  3. Click the Add+ from the top right-hand corner of Pinterest and turn the Secret button On.

To do so via a mobile device, make sure you have the latest version of Pinterest app installed. Visit your profile, select the Boards tab and scroll down until you see “Create a Secret Board.”

The only downfall, you can’t change the status of one of your existing boards to become private because people may have already repined from your board.

How is this useful for personal Pinterest users?

Even in today’s extremely “share-friendly” world, where it seems that sharing what they do is all people are doing there is still the desire to have privacy from time to time.  Imagine if you were planning a surprise party for someone and wanted to store ideas for the party on a Pinterest board, or maybe you were expecting a baby but hadn’t told anyone yet and couldn’t wait to start pinning baby stuff until your heart’s content, two textbook examples of when Secret Boards will be the perfect solution.

How is this useful for businesses?

Now that Pinterest offers the ability to create private collections businesses can use this added privacy to their advantage as well. For example, an interior designer can share plans and concepts with a client in private and not worry about divulging their own or their client’s privacy surrounding the project.

The private boards are also great for curating business-related ideas that inspire you.  By adding users to the list of those who can pin to the board when you create it the board becomes a living document for project planning or brainstorming with colleagues, a spot where everyone can contribute to the ideas for an upcoming meeting, and then with a click of a button all of your ideas are there for visual reference at the next project meeting.

So, how will you be using the Secret Boards?  Feel free to pop over to our pin-boards. We already have our Secret Boards in place, and they are full of amazing marketing ideas we can’t wait to share with our clients.  Feeling left out?  Connect with us ­­­for more tips & tricks.


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