How to Generate More Sales on Your Website

Even though the online shopping process starts long before the customer ever reaches the payment page, eCommerce stores see a huge drop-off rate at the first step of checkout. There are several issues that lead to shopping cart abandonment as soon as customers get to the part where it is time to pay, but the best POS software for mobile payment can be part of the solution. Keep reading for some techniques to beat the abandoned shopping cart and guide your customers all the way through to a sale.

Have a Strong Call to Action

Make sure customers have no question about how to add the items they love to their shopping cart. The method for doing this on your site should be unavoidable. In addition to that, they should be able to easily toggle between their shopping cart and continuing to shop. If a customer forgot an item but risks losing everything they already put into the cart by going back, they may just forget about it altogether.

Shop Page Should be Cohesive With Payments Page

First of all, perception is almost everything when it comes to how secure your customers feel about sharing their personal and financial information. You are a legitimate business, and you want to do your best to come across that way. 

Your shop page should look like your payment page. If it doesn’t, customers are likely to think they have been intercepted by a bogus site, hacked, or that the site they were shopping on in the first place is not legit. Make sure the aesthetic of your shop matches the aesthetic of your checkout to prevent making customers nervous.

Use Trust Seals

One reassurance that customers look for when they go through the checkout process online, is a trust seal. This lets them know that their information is being protected through trusted software that monitors and puts a stop to suspicious activity. Norton is by far the most trusted seal, but plenty of other recognizable companies are also on the list. When you want your customers to know you care about their security, include a trust seal on your payment page and watch your conversion rates go up.

Make Sure There Are No Errors or Formatting Issues

Even if there are typographical errors and formatting issues due to your own mistakes, customers have a tendency to think the worst if anything is even slightly out of place. Make sure you have not missed any potential spelling errors in your forms, and test them out on a variety of applications and devices to make sure nothing changes whether you use a phone, a computer, or a tablet to do your shopping.

Give Customers the Option to Save Their Account

As concerned as customers are with the security of their information before they begin checkout, if you can hang on to them until the end, they may want you to keep their information so that payment is easier next time. 

The less effort customers have to put into paying for the items in their cart, the more likely they are to finish the process. Do not make them nervous by asking them right away, but do wait for the right time to ask them if they would like you to save their information for next time. At that point, you can also let them choose between only saving basic shipping information, or saving billing information as well.

Give Customers the Option to Pay as a Guest

Conversely, do not force your customers to create an account with your store. This scares them away and makes them feel less secure when offering their credit card information to you. It also raises concerns that the payment is going to take longer to process, and customers are usually very ready to be done by the time they are checking out. 

Do not give your customers any extra cause for concern or fatigue by forcing anything you do not absolutely need in order to put their transaction through and send them on their merry way.

Make Sure Their Cart is Always Visible

It helps reassure customers if they can see their cart the whole time they are going through checkout because it reminds them of what they are purchasing and they feel more secure that they have not left the safety of your site. Even better, include pictures of their items on pages during checkout. Photos are more engaging and create more of a sensory memory of why they wanted to purchase the product in the first place.

Be Up Front About Shipping

You set your website up to hold your customer’s hand the whole way through their shopping experience and they are feeling good. They entered their payment and shipping information and they are starting to imagine the warm comfort of the down duvet they ordered from your site. 

How to Generate More Sales on Your Website
They get to the final page and … What? Shipping is going to cost HOW MUCH?? Don’t lose your shopper in the final lap because of shipping sticker shock. Make sure you are up front about shipping costs so they know what to expect at the end of their transaction.