How To Geocache

Want to get involved with the most popular outdoorsy activity you’ve never heard of?  Then take a look at geocaching!  This indie modern day treasure hunt combines the technology on your phone with hiking and exploring, taking you on a quest to find hidden boxes that are probably scattered around all over the place in your town.  What’s in the box when you find it?  Well that’s not the important part.  The important part is the adventure!

We’ll teach you how to geocache and then, it’s up to you.  Grab your phone and your friends and go exploring!

How to geocache step 1: Sign up for a membership at the official website.

It’s free and it only takes a few minutes.  Once you’re signed up, the whole world of geocaching is open to you!

How to geocache step 2: Enter your zip code into the website’s search function.

A map will show you all the geocaches hidden in your area.  Some caches are just one in a series of hidden treasures that follow a storyline and will lead you on an interactive adventure.  Pick one geocache that you think looks interesting, and then proceed to step 3.

Photo Credit: Toronto Geocaching
Photo Credit: Toronto Geocaching

How to geocache step 3: Enter the GPS coordinates into your phone or GPS device.

The hunt is on!

How to geocache step 4: Use your GPS to direct you to the location.

You might have to do some hunting.  Keep your eyes peeled.  Geocaches can be well hidden, and their sizes might vary.

Photo Credit: Castle Mountain
Photo Credit: Castle Mountain

How to geocache step 5: You’ve found it!

When you find your geocache, take a look inside.  Usually there will be a logbook where you can record who found it and when.

How to geocache step 6: Return the geocache to its original position.

That way, it’s in the right spot for the next person who wants to hunt for it.  Remember, if you take anything out of the geocache box you should leave something behind of greater value.  It’s not about the treasure so much as it is about the hunt.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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