How to Get Massive Press Coverage at Low Budget

Press coverage is essential to build trust and enhance the credibility of businesses.

Bill Gates once said that “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.”

This quote summarizes the importance of PR for your business. Product startups rely on press coverage to elevate their sales pitch and attract investors’ attention. In the age of hyper-competition, earned media plays a crucial role in differentiating products and brands. Many successful entrepreneurs even believe that press coverage is more important than paid advertising to build a sustainable brand.

If you believe in the power of media coverage but, discouraged by its cost, here are a few hacks to steal the massive coverage in the media at a small budget.

Submit Press Releases
Write an effective press release about your product or organization and send it to multiple sites. Some of the sites offer free submission whereas others may charge a small fee.

Following sites offer free submission:

Some popular publishers such as Mashable Submit News allows users to submit news for free. On this page, you can also learn some tips on how to get published on Mashable and other such popular news sites. Take maximum advantage of these types of free news submission features. You can find several sites that allow free news submission.

Some Press Release sites like PR Web and PR News Wire charge a fee to distribute your release. The prices PR Web starts at $100 where the price for distribution through PR News Wire depends on the package you choose. Some of the free distribution sites may also have a premium feature. If you have the budget, you should go for a premium feature to increase the reach significantly.

Bypass Traditional Media
The editors and journalists at traditional media outlet get a lot of news items and release request on a daily basis. Thus, it may be quite difficult and expensive for you to get coverage in traditional media. The biggest advantage, as well as disadvantage of traditional media, is its mass target audience. If you sell to a particular niche, it makes no sense to spend a fortune to reach a lot of irrelevant users. Thus, bypass the traditional media and focus on blogs and sites that cater to your prospects.

If you are selling a product, you can connect with following publishers
The Awesomer
Cool Material
The Manual
The Needs
Gear Hungry
Cool Hunting
Gear Patrol
In Stash

Before connecting with the site owners or journalists, analyze the sites to evaluates its compatibility with your product. You can also utilize platforms like PressFarm to find contact details of reporters and contributors on famous publishing sites and magazine.

The idea is to connect with as many relevant sites as possible and pitch your products and its benefits. In the beginning, you may have to offer something to the influencers which they can’t refuse. Once you get converge on these sites, traditional media may also take notice of your business or products and mention it in the relevant news items.

Utilize Social Communities

Social communities are very useful in spreading the word about your business. Join relevant communities and start engaging with like-minded users. Use platforms like Reddit, ProductHunt, and HackerNews to submit your product and request feedback from community members. It will amplify your media outreach and provide an excellent platform to get connected with influential media personalities. Moreover, a little creativity can add a viral flavor in your media outreach efforts.

If you do the things mentioned above, you will make sufficient noise on the internet. It will lead to a situation where a lot of publishers would want to talk to you and feature your product on their site. It is up to you to maintain the momentum by continuously providing some new scoop, inside stories and interesting facts about your business to different publishers. Freshness in stories will help you sustain the campaign for quite long and generate a massive coverage in the media at a substantially low cost.

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