How to Get Organized: 5 Tips to Get Kids Out the Door

Organized and kids are usually two words that don’t go together, especially in the morning. It’s even harder if you and your kids are not morning people. Let’s be honest, who really is? If you’re looking for how to get organized and get out the door, there’s more to it than just finding a routine that works. Check out these tips to make the whole process easy peasy…or at least manageable.

How to Get Organized & Out the Door Tip #1: Make the Night Before Your BFF

how to get organized
Pack lunches the night before

In order to get ahead in the morning, you’re going to have to look back. That means preparing things the night before. What things? Well, a lot. Let’s start with clothes. Have your child pick out an outfit the night before. If he wears a uniform, even better! But, if not, selecting clothes the night before cuts down on time in the morning. Also pack lunches and snacks the night before. Have everything ready to go and neatly together in the fridge. This way you or your child can just take the lunch bag and start stuffing. All the time consuming prep work has been done. Also, showering the night before cuts down on a lot of personal prep time.

How to Get Organized & Out the Door Tip #2: Set a Wake-Up Time & Stick to It

A consistent wake-up time is just as important as a consistent bed time. If you’re looking for ways of how to get organized, this is a big one. By setting a wake-up time you will know just exactly how much time you have to get everyone ready and out the door. Lounging is for the weekends, not when there’s a chance your child will miss the bus.

How to Get Organized & Out the Door Tip #3: Set a Schedule

If you have four people who have to get ready and out the door in less than an hour, then a schedule may help. Not everyone can brush their teeth in the sink at the same time. Maybe half get dressed first while the other half freshens up first. Whatever it is, make sure everyone sticks to the schedule. This way you’ll be sure to get out the door on time.

How to Get Organized & Out the Door Tip #4: Stay Calm & Don’t Lose It

How is staying calm linked to how to get organized? A lot. If you’re yelling and going crazy in the morning your children are only going to feed off of your insane energy. We’re not talking about in a good way either. This is going to be a big time sucker in the morning. Stay calm. Direct your kids on what they need to do without raising your voice. This is hard. Trust me, I know. But in the end, keeping a level head will help when trying to get everyone moving.

How to Get Organized & Out the Door Tip #5: No TV for Kids, No Social Media for You

how to get organized
No screens if you want to get out the door

I know you want to check your Facebook and Twitter feeds to see what everyone else did while you were sleeping. I know your kids’ favorite shows are on right before school. Guess what? Indulging in these things will not help you get out the door on time. If you want to know how to get organized in the morning, you need to know how to stay focused. While it would be nice to have a leisurely cup of coffee and scroll through your feeds while your kids watch their show, it’s not going to happen Monday-Friday. So, keep all screens off. This will keep you focused and organized. It will also get you out the door on time.

No one was born organized. You have to work at it. It’s hard, but necessary, especially during the morning rush hour you experience before you hit the road. So but the “O” back in organization and get everyone moving in the right direction…out the door.



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