How to get unstuck and create a better flow in your life


  1. New Experience Committee when you start to open yourself to having new experiences in any area of life it opens your mind and you are saying yes to the world. One idea is to start with a small group of friends and brainstorm new ideas to get the juices flowing.
  2. Get rid of negative thinking don’t let old negative thoughts take control.  Especially look for limited self talk like “your to old, to young, to this or not enough of that” each time a I can’t do it thought comes into your mind replace it with an expanding thought. What are the possibilities?  My favorite expanding mantra comes from Gay Hendricks The Big Leap.  “ I am expanding, everyday with Love, success and Abundance and inspiring others to do the same!”
  3. Diet, Exercise and Sleep and Alcohol intake! Take a close look at your patterns and be aware!  If you have a regular exercise routine for yourself GREAT…. make sure you change it up regularly and challenge yourself if you don’t exercise just get going immediately! What you put into your mouth is just as important as exercise if your diet is loaded with energy draining foods such as salt, sugar and starchy carbs – work to reduce or eliminate that in your diet.  Red meat can also have an effect on energy – move to eating more fish and poultry. Is that drink every night reducing your ability to have good energy flow – make it a special occasion habit! Sleep is very important to your overall well-being. Ask yourself how much you need to work at your peak performance? Everyone is different! Make sure you drink lots of water to flush out your system of toxins and keep yourself hydrated. 
  4. Take a serious look at old patterns and try to recognize and if possible resolve them. Look very closely at your patterns and habits. Often a pattern can come disguised in a new form but set you back to old ways of behaving. Meditation and yoga are great for clearing…but simply clearing your calendar and leaving space in your schedule can help.
  5. Find inspiring and encouraging friends and be an Inspiration to others. Volunteer and give your time away this may lead you in a new and exciting direction.
  6. Don’t be afraid to take chances! Another one of my quotes is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” so proceed to make yourself uncomfortable as soon as possible.
  7. Be Prepared  “Chance favors the prepared mind” take it in steps if you are learning a new skill. Don’t get discouraged just remember that often we feel like giving up on ourselves just as we our about to make a break-through!
  8. Believe in yourself working on your self image and Self-esteem can be an ongoing process. Many times we are bombarded with old negative messages about ourselves (recognize them as old ways of thinking about self and change the thoughts to more positive) also in our world we have many messages via media and advertising that works against all the normal changes in a persons life.  Getting older,  gender,  motherhood,  race, weight and so on.  Make sure you work on the inside and develop an unshakable self-confidence it really is very appealing and when you feel good you can work on inspiring others.
  9.  Never ever give up!

Wendy Morgan is a Writer, Singer/Songwriter, Children’s Music Educator, Voice Coach, Mom and Owner of the Vocal Gymnasium a Chicago based company all about music: Events, Classes, Education, and helping people achieve their dreams.  Including inspiring women and people of all ages to Never give up! Visit the website for more information: Vocal Gymnasium




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