How To Get Your Amateur Blog Posts Read

How To Get Your Amateur Blog Posts Read

How To Get Your Amateur Blog Posts Read

When I first started my business, I dreaded the idea of blogging. What would I write about? And more importantly, how would anyone ever even see what I was posting every week? I had no idea how to even begin. Marketing your amateur blog online can seem confusing when you are just starting out. However, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Anyone that is familiar with blog marketing online knows that it takes dedication and consistency. For someone just starting out with their marketing campaign, it may seem like a lot of work with little or no pay off in the beginning. However, just remember that marketing is something that you have to build.

There are many things that you can do to market your blog and get it out there to be seen by the world. One of the most important things is to visit other blogs that are relevant to yours and leave comments. Doing so gets your blog out there to readers of other’s blogs. And in return can get you some new visitors as well as readers.
Posting on your blog on a regular basis is another way to get new readers. Who wants to read a blog that is never updated? Would you? Of course not! So give your readers what they want with new content and give it to them often. Post daily, weekly or bi weekly and be consistent about it. This way, your readers and visitors will know how often to check your blog for a new post.

Know where your traffic is coming from. Know which search engines are directing people to your blog and which are not. Find out what keywords are bringing people to your blog as well. If you know all of this already, use it to your advantage. Write more content on the keywords that are working for you and monitor where you fall on the search engine pages that are sending visitors.

If someone leaves a comment on your blog, be sure to acknowledge it. No one wants to have a conversation with themselves, and it will only take a brief moment to reply and let them know you appreciate them. Otherwise if you have a section full of comments and you have not replied, chances are that you will not be getting many more. Some readers may even drop you off of their list of blogs to visit frequently.

Finally, think about syndicating your blog across multiple sites. Post it on your business page on Facebook of course, but also think about other areas where your readers are hanging out online. Do you use Google+ for business? Are you a member of groups on LinkedIn? Do you have a Pinterest or a Twitter account? These are all places where you can post your blog to get it seen by a lot of people. You can also consider submitting it to Scribd, Digg, etc. Some people even convert their blogs to podcasts, though this is not something that I have ever tried personally.

Blogging is a great way to get your name out there and share your expertise about your business with the world. Are you new to business and thinking of starting a blog? If you already have one, what are your favorite ways of attracting readers to your blog? I’d love to hear from you!


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