advertisingCongratulations! You’ve set up your business, you’ve built up your brand, and you are finally ready to get your product the exposure it deserves. Whether you’re an independent artist, a photographer, a jewelry designer, or some other kind of maker, publicizing your product is one of your best (and most lucrative) bets for gaining exposure –– but you can’t just call up Vanity Fair and ask them to give you a shout-out. So, how do you master the art of product placement without hiring an expensive publicist (see below) or paying outrageous influencer fees? That’s where we come in.
For a super low price (no seriously, it’s really low) of $199 Project Eve is offering to feature your product on our homepage just in time for this holiday season! (Can someone say holy, extra exposure, guacamole ?!?).

Here is what you do:

  • Pay $199 to [email protected] via paypal or use the button below

Each product post will be featured on Project Eve’s Homepage in the Editor’s Picks section and will be shared 1 time via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to our entire social media following. Seriously, there is no better deal out there to get your product seen by millions of women wanting to support female entrepreneurs.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Here are some extra ways you can lend a hand and increase your reach!

  1. Every time someone new comments on your product post, we will promote your post via twitter. 1 comments = 1 tweet. 10 comments = 10 tweets. Oh my!
  2. Follow us on Twitter and RT #evesholidaypicks @projecteve1
  3. Follow us on Pinterest and like posts with #evesholidaypicks
  4. Follow us on Instagram and like posts #evesholidaypicks
  5. Follow us on Facebook and like and share posts #evesholidaypicks

It’s time to support women and get serious. Let’s get your products out there. TOGETHER.


For a limited time Project Eve will be offering feature interviews for the low price of $399. If interested please contact [email protected].


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