How to Handle Your Stress Mess


Every once in a while you have one of those weeks.  You’ve got a lot of stuff on your plate, maybe a project at work.  You’ve got typical kid stuff.  There are meetings to go to and a house to take care of.  That was my week this week.  I had two huge projects at work that were coming to completion.  My  17 year old son was performing in a music festival four states away.  My husband and I are prepping for a festival which will be the first public event  for Happy Fix next weekend.  We are waiting on products to make sure we are not standing under a tent with a banner and nothing to offer folks except a handshake and our innate charm.  In all, this week had a lot of moving parts.


As I went through the week shedding a few tears (while I totally believe in choosing to be happy, let’s be honest, sometimes a good cry cleanses the soul) and tossing out a few expletives, I also realized that all of the stressors in my life were temporary.  One project came to fruition on Wednesday.  Check.  I dropped my kiddo at the bus and bid him a fond adieu early Friday morning.  Check.  The other project I was working on ended up going better than I could have ever planned on Friday morning.  Super check. We got some of the products we were waiting on and the vendors for the ones we don’t have assure us that everything will be done and ready to go by the middle of this week.  Check. The sense of relief after several jobs well done was incredible and made the stress of the week worth it.  The week of stress turned into a week of achievement.  Not a bad outcome.


When we are chest deep in a stressful situation, it seems like time stands still.  You wait, and you wait, and you wait for some relief.  Sometimes that relief takes its own sweet time.  It’s on an open ended flight and it decided to spend a few more days on the tropical island it was visiting before coming to spend time with you.  At other times, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and you know that, good or bad, there’s a deadline for your stress.  The point I’m trying to make is that either way the stressful situation is going to end at some time.   Don’t let it swallow you whole.  On Tuesday of this week, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get through the rest of the week.  I did recognize that once Friday hit, good or bad, the stress was done.


Everybody goes through stress.  It’s how we handle it that dictates how it impacts us.  Do we let it completely take over and paralyze us?  Or, do we plow through it, continuously telling ourselves that this too shall pass.   Stress affects people in different ways but as far as I know there are no benefits to living your life as a mess of stress.  For me, plowing through it and recognizing that the situation I’m in will not last forever is how I handle it.  It’s worked for me my whole life.  This week, I put it to the test and I’m still standing.  How will you choose to handle your stressors this week?  Let that be your Happy Fix today!

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