How to Hire a Great Web Designer

"WEB DESIGN" Tag Cloud (internet website homepage graphics user)When your company creates a web site, they are creating a presence on the internet. A web site is similar to going to a job interview. First impressions are everything.

Always ask for a portfolio

The first obstacle is finding out if a web designer is as good as they claim. Before hiring anyone, always ask for a portfolio. A respectable web designer will create a portfolio of all of the work they have done. This will show the type of design and style they are used to doing, and what they are capable of.

Predilection over experience

One mistake people make when hiring a web designer is omitting designers without much experience. I cannot count how many job listings I have seen for a web designer that require a certain amount of web sites to be previously built. When it comes to web development, experience is not everything. It is fantastic when designers are getting notches on their belt, but does that necessarily mean they can deliver what you are looking for? Many experienced web designers will be stuck in a habit and they may not be able to develop what need. The most important thing to do is find a personality fit. The web site being designed for your company represents your company’s personality; therefore, your web designer needs to mesh well with the personality of your company. When hiring your web designer, decide what traits are important to you. Ask your potential web designer questions to establish a personality match. Not only is it important to your web site, but to the entire team. Design teams become a family and if someone is not a team player, the morale will suffer, and so will the company.

Aptitude over skill set

Another overlooked problem with some web designers is having a particular skill set. Many people see this is a marvelous trait to have, (which it can be) and these designers tend to acquire new jobs easily. However, having a particular skill set tends to mean that they have been doing the exact same thing over and over, and may not adapt well to changes. When hiring a great web developer, aptitude is much more important. Having the ability to learn new technologies quickly and adapt to changes is much more important than having a particular skill set.

Slow to hire and quick to fire

Be sure to take your time when finding a web designer. A web designer can make or break your company. Once hired, if they are not working well with the team, hire a replacement quickly. Never let an ineffective web designer hold your company back.

If you feel that you have found an ideal candidate, it may be ideal to start them on a small project. If the web designer is not going to work out, it is better to find out before they ruin a large important contract. This will allow you to observe their abilities without sacrifice.

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