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How To Identify The Employee From Hell!

How To Identify The Employee From Hell!

Now, how does one describe the “Employee from Hell?” That is a question that will give you many different answers.  Each person responding will have some of the exact same answers, as well as responses that have no similarities at all.

 Here are some examples that are on my list that meet the qualifications to be the “Employee from Hell:”

    • Having a bad attitude, it brings negativity and turmoil into the air and affects everyone it comes into contact with.
    • Displays aggressive behavior towards others and at times, has been known to become violent.  Does not get along with others.  The other employee is always the one who causes the problem.  Does not want to take accountability for their own actions.
    • Has a poor work ethic, completes tasks and work assignments late or not at all.  Work quality and productivity do not meet the company’s defined standards or expectations.  Has an “I don’t care attitude.”
    • Blatant disregard for others; comes to work late and calls in sick often.  Does not care how their behavior affects others.  Actions cause a hardship for coworkers and the organization.
    • Represents the organization in a negative manner.  Attire is not appropriate for the work environment.  Interacts with clients and customers in a loud, rude, and unprofessional manner, both in person and on the telephone.

I think you get the idea from the examples I have provided.  People act out for a reason.  That does not mean that they cannot change.  They have to want to change and they need support while trying to accomplish this.

You also have employees who don’t want to change and won’t, even if you extend the offer to help them.

Watch for my next blog post on,  ”From Being the Employee from Hell, To Being An Exemplary Employee Of The Company.”

I would love for you to share your thoughts.


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