How to Improve Innovation in an Organization

There are a lot of online tools for a professional to keep an online business organized. Organization is key in running a company. But for an Administrative and Business Consulting Firm, like mine, online organization is what keeps our team running smoothly.

Here are seven tools that will help you become more effective and organized:

Skype: Have face-to-face conferences with your team to collaborate on projects and build relationships with future prospects. Video calling helps you become more effective while working from anywhere around the world. Save money and travel expenses with this simple tool. There are many other features that you can use with Skype such as instant messaging and phone calls.

eFax: Send faxes and receive faxes as an email attachment. You choose a local or toll-free number and every fax that is sent is emailed and saved automatically. It’s an easy and reliable tool that will save you time and money. Read your faxes wherever you go.

Evernote: Ever -get it- read an interesting article or idea that you would like to save for later reading? Just copy and paste any article into Evernote and you can access it from any mobile device. This tool is an easy and clean read. Visit their website for more products.

SugarSync: The most common issue in every professional is losing files. Sugarsync helps you back up your folders and documents and lets you gain access from any mobile device. Share any file folder or document with your team or client. And rest assure that all your data is secured.

Dropbox: When you are on the go and you need a file, Dropbox is the tool for you. Simply drop all your documents and files in Dropbox and access it from anywhere around the world. It not only saves you time but you can become more productive with your team while you are traveling.

Google Voice: With Google Voice you get one number that can sync to any phone. You receive your voicemail messages via email or text. Know who the caller is before answering the call and it’s free.

Sage Act: This tool helps you keep all your phone numbers, notes and to-do lists all in one place. No more searching for that sticky note. Build long time relationships, manage your business effectively and keep all your contacts in one place with one easy click.

As I’m saving this article I will drop it in my Dropbox to be saved and access it through Evernote for later reading. Use these tools to stay productive and effective with your team and your business. There are many more tools that can be utilized but start with these which is a good start in managing your every day busy life. Also, visit our website to see how an Administrative and Business Consultant can help you run your business smoothly.

Our goal at VOIS is to serve our clientele’s need; that is why our mission is to provide the best service in town with excellence! We strive to meet the needs of many individuals and to leave a positive outlook through our projects. VOIS takes administration to another level. With years of experience and hard work, VOIS has become one of the best businesses in town.

What we do is offer great services at affordable prices. What others don’t do is offer that with INTEGRITY! Visit our website at to find out more about our company.


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