How To Leverage Your Incredible Productivity At Work To Help Advance your Career Or Receive Unbeatable Perks

Those that are just all-stars in the office and produce at the level of multiple employees can leverage this to their advantage. No company wants to lose an employee that matches the output of the rest of the marketing team or sales team. The more one employee earns the company the better if they are a good culture fit and do not have any issues with management. Leveraging your productivity will have to be done with care as management thinks you should be doing a great job. Being paid the same as someone that you do far more in terms of productivity is not valuing the work you are doing. The following are tips to help leverage your quality work and receive great perks from your employer.

Increase Percentage Of Commission Or Volume Of Bonuses

Asking for an improved bonus structure to match that of the industry standard is not asking for too much. If you are hitting numbers far past bonus numbers ask for there to be more. A marketing director could be paid on the impact of the campaign they created or given a piece of the budget saved on a successful marketing campaign. If there are no bonuses and management will not discuss find out what other companies in your area are willing to fairly compensate an employee that can turn an entire department around.

Asking To Work From Home

Working from home is the best perk for many that a company can give an employee. There are a myriad of options for a remote worker that a traditional worker in the office do not have. Being able to work from anywhere in the world allows a person to move somewhere with a low cost of living to save more money. In foreign countries where the exchange rate is favorable a person can save more money each month while living like royalty. You cutting out your daily commute can increase your free time by hours depending on what city you are commuting in. A company will not want to lose a star employee so they will make every exception within reason to keep you on staff. Creating a comfortable office with a 3D massage chair can allow you to work those long hours while loosening up muscles.

Consistently Looking For The Best Professional Opportunity

LinkedIn and other job posting websites have made it easier than ever to stay aware of job openings in the area. There could be no chance you get a promotion over another employee due to nepotism or this person has a few extra years on you at the company. You want to work somewhere that gives promotions based on merit instead of how long a person has been working there. A company might not value you so take time to see what other opportunities that you can thrive in professionally.

Business Trips Due To Your Ability To Produce While Traveling

Those that can still produce while traveling for meetings or conferences are usually chosen for business trips. This can be a great time out of the office on the company’s credit card. For some employees this can be tiring but traveling once a month or so for a few days can help add some excitement to your career. Highlighting this ability will take you going on one trip and producing like never before. Management will see that and consider this every time they are sending staff on a trip.

Leverage your superior performance at your job to get everything that you want out of your career. Companies will be far more willing to work and negotiate with an employee they cannot afford to lose!