How to Live Longer (Live in Hawaii)

How to Live Longer

After reading a recent CDC article, State-Specific Healthy Life Expectancy, I think I want to pack my bags and move to Hawaii. The article defines that it is not only important how long you live, but also how long you could live. Over the decades, life expectancy has been increasing and your environment plays a big part in it.

In the article, it states that because of the beautiful weather and scenery on the amazing islands of Hawaii, women can live up to 16 years longer, where the national average is about 14 years. I think that most of the reason for living longer in the Aloha state is the low stress level due to being such a laid-back state. I have been to Maui and it is not only breathtakingly beautiful, it is also extremely relaxing.

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However, if you live in some of the southern states in the U. S. you may only have about 10 years life expectancy after the mature age of 65 depending on other factors, including races come to mind: “you are what you eat”, “everything in moderation” and “location, location, location.” Eating habits, exercise, not smoking, local environment, regular health screenings, and medical care are the top reasons people tend to live longer.and gender. You may wonder why states vary so much and many conditions are taken into account. Some old adage.

So if you are interested in living well beyond the age of 65, then you should do your best to take care of yourself today. Make it a priority to eat a healthy diet where at least 85 to 90% of what you eat is natural non-processed food. In addition, take time to walk a bit more or do some sit-ups during your breaks, as a little exercise never hurts. Obviously, it helps not to smoke or drink alcohol in excessive amounts. Finally, try to make sure you are getting medical check-ups when necessary. Overall, make being healthy a priority for yourself and those around you in order to enjoy the decades to come.

Maria D’Alessandro is a Health & Wellness Coach who focuses on reducing stress and creating a balanced life. She loves to help people to live a peaceful, positive, happy, and healthy life. Visit

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