How to Make Blue Duct Tape Interesting



Nearly every business has to have a blog. They’ve simply become one of the most important tools in a business owner’s marketing arsenal.

Blogs are cheap. They’re great for SEO. They pre-sell and build trust. Most everybody gets that.

However, what if you have a business that just isn’t that fascinating to most people?

I call these the “blue duct tape” businesses. I’ve so-named them thanks to a debate I read about “niche websites” vs. “authority sites” or blogs. The argument was that niche websites were often appropriate simply because some things (like blue duct tape) don’t need entire websites devoted to them because nobody’s that fascinated by those subjects.

As a professional freelance writer and ghostwriter I often find myself in charge of customer’s blogs. And may of them are indeed what you might call “blue duct tape blogs.” For example, I write weekly posts for a gutter contractor’s blog. A gutter, all on its own, is not really a thing that inspires love and loyalty.

Fortunately, this has allowed me to hit on the Blue Duct Tape Solution, which I will now share with you.

Think About the “Whys” of the Product or Service 


If you’ve got a blue duct tape product then you’ve got to think “why.” Why do people buy your blue duct tape?


If you really were selling blue duct tape I’d suspect that your target audience contains a lot of DIY types. They might also be crafters, particularly if they really are interested in colored duct tape. They may be moving soon, or they may sell things on eBay which means they have to ship lots of items, ensuring they get there safely.


Thinking in this direction opens up lots of possibilities. You can now offer up different projects that people can do with your duct tape. You can talk about moving, storage, and shipping. You can talk about the proper way to pack a box.

You might not be targeting “duct tape” as a keyword. Instead you might target “how to ship a heavy item” (with 720 monthly searches, a decent number for a long-tail phrase that you could easily rank for). You’ll still sell your duct tape, because people will need your tape to ship their item.

Think Local 

If you are a service business or have any kind of brick-and-mortar store you can do posts that target your local community. Your blue duct tape may not be fascinating, but if you become the local hardware store that is known for promoting community events and helping other area businesses then you’ll still get the buying traffic.

In this case, you’ll make sales by keeping your name out there and by generating goodwill. For bonus points, get out to these events yourself and take plenty of pictures.

Don’t Give Up!

Blogging isn’t easy. In fact it’s very challenging.

Some business owners find blogging so challenging that they give up in despair. They start blogs only to let them drop off without updates for months at a time. Some grow frustrated and never return to them again.

It takes a certain amount of practice to get the hang of producing content for your niche, especially if your niche is pretty challenging. I would tell you to keep at it no matter what. You already know the benefits.

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