Working more than 40 hours a week can take its toll on our psyches and our bodies, and sometimes the hours drag in an unmanageable fashion. It can feel like hours have passed, but when you check the clock, it’s been merely five minutes. Time can drag when we’re stuck in the office, and if your weeks have been feeling tortuously long, it’s time to find ways to make the hours pass quicker.

Make the Office More Enjoyable

Make sure your office space is an area that you’re comfortable spending 8-plus hours every day. Hang up photos of your family and friends, put up inspirational quotes or motivational posters that help you get things done, and keep your space clean and clear of chaos. Some in office settings find it beneficial to have plants and flowers, and studies have shown incorporating natural elements in the work space can have beneficial health effects. Some companies offer free standard shipping on weekday flower delivery so you can order flowers or plants straight to your desk without breaking the bank.

Mid-Week Dates

Whether they’re with a friend or with your significant other, planning dates for the middle of the week is the perfect in-between and breaks up the monotonous cycle of long work hours. Who said you have to wait until Friday to have a good time?

End of the Week Rewards

If you need more reason to get through your week, then make one. Offering a well-deserved reward is a great way to incentivize yourself, especially if you have multiple deadlines you’ll need to hit during the week. Whether it’s a much needed massage or a trip to the movies, giving yourself little treats is never a bad idea.

Handling Boredom Snacking

Many people deal with mind-numbing boredom by reaching for the snacks, but for obvious reasons, this can have negative effects on your mood and your waistline. In order to prevent mindless junk food binges, keep only healthy food around. Whether it’s fruit and nuts, chopped up veggies, or organic crisps, surrounding yourself with healthy options will cut down on the trips to the office vending machine for a bag of chips or a candy bar. As an alternative, you can order a delivery of fresh produce from a company like Farm Fresh to You to ensure you have all the fruits and veggies you need to get you through your week. This demand for healthier options in the workplace is one reason that micro market vending has gained so much momentum. As an alternative, you can order a delivery of fresh produce from a company like Farm Fresh to You to ensure you have all the fruits and veggies you need to get you through your week.

Take a Walk

Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day definitely takes its toll, and sometimes all we need to make ourselves feel rejuvenated is to get up and take a walk. At the end of every hour, take a five-minute walk around the office or the block. Having these hourly points to look forward will break up the long bouts of sitting, providing health benefits and giving you small breaks that make the day seem to fly by.

Get a Glass of Water

Dehydration causes a host of problems, including exhaustion, lack of focus, and concentration issues. If you want to become more productive and make the days feel shorter, you’ll need to fill up that water bottle as much as possible. Because heavy work schedules often see us drinking tons of caffeine to get our jolt of alertness, we drink multiple cups of coffee and tea per day. These are diuretics, which can see us losing water even quicker, so it’s more important than ever to get your fill from the water cooler. Grab a water bottle from Hydroflask and keep it next to you all day; having it close by will make it easier to drink more throughout the day.

Give Yourself Personal Deadlines

We all have boss-imposed deadlines we have to meet, but sometimes the most motivating incentive comes from ourselves. Creating smaller deadlines throughout the day will help you be more productive, and the busier you are, the faster time will go.

Exercise Before Work

You’ve heard it before, and it can feel impossible to get up an hour early to fit in your workout, but those who start their day earlier are more motivated, have more energy, and tend in general to be more successful. Getting your blood pumping before heading into the office means getting more done, and when the work day is done, so are you. No more arguing with yourself to hit the gym after working a taxing day.

Take Mental Health Days

There’s simply not enough light shed on the importance of taking occasional mental health days. If you’re feeling consistently drained and it’s impacting your health, take the opportunity to have a reset day. Plan to pamper yourself with a massage, or spend a day lounging in bed watching your favorite television show. Mental clarity is essential to productivity, so make your mental health a priority.



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