How To Make Sure You Find Your Perfect Future Employee

The online world has eliminated geographical and political boundaries. The world has fewer limits than ever before, which can lead to many advantages but also to challenges as well. When it comes to finding the perfect employee for your job opening in a small business, you now have a large pool of candidates to choose from. Let’s take a look together at how you can entice real talents to work with you and how to make sure you find your perfect future employee.

Create an Original Job Description

If you look at some job descriptions from a workplace searching platform, you will have the feeling that there was just one person who wrote them all. This is why there is no surprise that the candidates don’t have the necessary information to make the right call.

So, you should avoid the limited vocabulary that usually announces an opening, and thinks outside the box. You should use your job description as an image of the culture of your company. If your brand appreciates innovation and collaboration, then you should make it sound enthusiastic and focus on team effort.

A study from The Wall Street Journal  discovered that the job descriptions that focus on requirements are less successful than the ones that present the benefits within the company. If you are looking for valuable candidates, then it means that you want people who can get in anywhere they want. Consequently, in some cases, it is not you who chooses your future employee, but it is the best candidate who selects the next home for his or her ambitious career.

Focus on Soft Skills

Many employers have been looking for employees with extensive technical skills, and they made sure candidates are aware of that. However, knowledge can be acquired, while personality remains the same no matter what you do.

So, if your position requires empathy, enthusiasm, communication skills, or other aspects of social intelligence, you should make them the main points of your job description. You want your ideal employee to think that customer feedback should be encouraged and not sacrificed for other strategies that bring results only short term. Nowadays, a company should nurture the relationship with its clients as any bad move can harm a good reputation.

Create a Strong Employer Branding

A valuable candidate could be attracted by your job description due to its out of the box attitude. However, they will not rely solely on one web page created by the company itself. They will want to see if that description has strong roots in reality too. So, they will search the web for proof that your company treats its employees as it promises.

Furthermore, you can directly participate in your employer brand, but you are going to need proof. These testimonies that support an ideal company culture can be in the form of rewards and prizes won by your team, ambitious results they achieved this year, videos or images that show the way you conduct staff meetings, employee workshops, team buildings or reviews from your happy customers.

Improve your Interview Process

Everybody knows that interviews are a critical stage in the HR efforts to find the ideal candidate. However, most times of the times, this vital moment between recruiter and candidate is not taken enough advantage of to support the right hiring decision. This is why lazy recruitment is one of the most costly HR mistakes.

In the first place, the recruiter should not skip reading the resume thoroughly before the interview. This will update them on the applicant’s professional background. So, once the interview starts the recruiters will feel safe to focus more on the character of the person in front of them and not the details that were already noted in the CV.

Secondly, the questions should try to discover the personality behind the resume. Candidates might have a spotless professional history, but they might still not be a great fit for the company culture. A new employee will need to get along with the rest of the team members.

Last but not least, candidates should be encouraged as much as possible to interview you at the end of your meeting. This will allow you to see the professional aspects that are important to them. It will also be a great opportunity for them to see if your company is what they’re looking for.

So, these are the steps that will guide you to your future perfect employee. The weeks of effort you will put in to organize an elaborate hiring process will pay off in the end. You will enjoy a long-term and fruitful collaboration with the ideal professional.

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